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October 14, 2019 13:01:57 +0000 (UTC)


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A pick-up gacha was announced earlier today that will be available from Oct 15th 15:00 JST~ Oct 21st 12:59 JST

UR Yoshiko [Twilight Demon]

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SR Eli [Snow Halation]

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October 13, 2019 07:39:10 +0000 (UTC)

I want to tell you how I got into Love Live!

I want to tell you how I got into Love Live! But let me tell you: It isn't a special, romantic or beautiful story. It was kind of random. But let's start: I used to be on an app called Picsart. Around 2014 I was part of a small anime community there and one guy there told me about an interesting and fun game he is playing. He was like: 'It's a mobile game with cute singing anime girls. Damn I am addicted.. they are so cute and waifu material, etc. ' You know.. the way he talked about it, I thought he was talking about some kind of sexual loli game so I wasn't interested in it first. Later on there was a friend of mind who started talking about Love Live! School Idol Festival (I seriously didn't know she was talking about the same game like that guy, I realised that very late). I've got curious since it seemed like a lot of fun. I've downloaded the game and there was the 'Kotori Bird watching' event ongoing and I tried to get her. Spoiler: I didn't but well.. It was the day I got pulled into idol hell. I wanted to know more and more about the whole franchise so I started to dig deeper and deeper. I watched everything of Love Love! SIP in few days and listened to every song of μ's. I was deep into idol hell but after a while I' ve lost interest again. Somehow μ's songs weren't appealing to me anymore. Idk when exactly I came back into the fandom but I think it was when Aqours got added to LLSIF JP. I wasn't updated about who Aqours was so I seriously thought they will be new rivals of μ's. When I started watching Love Live Sunshine later on, I've entered idol hell again and since that I am still caught in it with no regrets and I don't want to leave ever again. I don't have a lot of spare time because of work, family, friends, my boyfriend, etc. but whenever I find some time I am gladly spending it with Love Live! My boyfriend used to call Love Live! 'useless thing' but since he realised how much it means to me, he supports me. He still calls it 'Firlefanz' (it is German and means that something is useless or a waste of time) but he just calls it like that to tease me and probably because he can't remember the name haha. So everytime I play SIF All Stars I tell him: I am playing the Firlefanz game right now. :) My Firlefanz means a lot to me. The music, 27 wonderful girls, two amazing rival groups, two amazing games, the anime, our wonderful fandom and much more to cherish to respect and protect. I don't regret 'wasting' some of my time in idol hell and I never will. Even tho some parts of the fandom are kinda toxic, I enjoy the good parts of it. That's it. I won't talk about my best girls because it would take way too long. Greetings from Germany

October 13, 2019 15:37:54 +0000 (UTC)


Hi. I'm Thomas. This is my story.

Mid 2016 was the start of my story. It all started with a YouTube channel you all may or may not have heard of. A channel that goes by the name of SilvaGunner, and if you know that name well, I'm sure you know where this is going.

Quite befitting for me, the first real exposure I had to Love Live were the memes. Or rather, THE meme of the SilvaGunner channel. Say it with me now...


I often look back on those days where I had no idea what that one word meant at all, and when I was blissfully unaware of the way that it would soon change my life. All the way from my merch collection to my mental health, Love Live really has changed my life, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Admittedly, I had my doubts when I started watching SIP. Started thinking to myself "What the hell am I watching?", but I couldn't stop regardless. I always found it hard to commit myself to watching shows all the way through, but Love Live managed to cast it's sneaky charms on me. Honestly, they still haven't worn off.

So I finished SIP, finally. My best girl at the time was none other than Maki Nishikino, and she's held her own against all the other girls I grew to love really well. However, at this point I wouldn't have considered myself obsessed with Love Live. I just found it really cute, and this was way before I started to realise how emotionally impactful the series could be, I was just a dumb teenager (and I will continue be just that until August of next year.)

I never had the tipping point that pushed me into an obsession rather than an interest. Not until 9 more girls entered my life and took my breath away.

Apologies to all the SIP fans, but I could never like it half as much as I absolutely ADORED Sunshine. It was the first show that K actually started to take in, as opposed to just watch. Over the years I've analyzed this show to hell and back and I haven't spent a moment being bored of it. It's my favourite show. No exaggerations.

Unfortunately not appearing in my top 3 anymore, my original best Aqours girl was Riko. As much as I've grown to like her more and more over the years, the rapidity of the growth other characters had on me was soon to overtake her. But, just like with Maki, she didn't go down without a fight.

Riko. You. Mari. Yoshiko. Chika. The five characters I happen to relate to the most. ESPECIALLY Chika. Whilst she is listed as my #2 girl on this website, that's only because I couldn't have two girls tied at #1. Yoshiko and Chika have outsold this series for me. And, to add on, I'm not a very shippy person, but I would give my life for YohaChika, just so y'know.

Love Live! Sunshine!! helped me out a lot at really rough time in my life. Depression was pushing me down more than ever but seeing parts of myself in these girls just gave me some hope. You's jealousy causing her own mind to bully itself into submission. Mari's need to keep people from worrying about her by putting on a smile. Riko's fear of having to give up something she loves. Yoshiko feeling like she needs to become someone other than herself to be liked. And Chika bottling up all her emotions just to make everyone happy. I've faced these problems for a while, but I'm coming to terms with how to deal with them. I thank Aqours for that.

Then came along the NijiGaku girls. I honestly don't have too big of an opinion on them just yet. I'm only gonna get All Stars when it releases worldwide. All I know is that Karin and Kanata are my best girls. I love them both very much.

I haven't kept up much on seiyuu stuff, BUT I REALLY WANT TO!!! I'm just...terrible at following stuff. If anyone has any recommendations for English subbed stuffsies for the seiyuus, (any group), please throw some links my way. I have a decently good grasp on Aqours but I'm almost TOTALLY clueless on anything for μ's or NijiGaku.

And ummmm, I think that's about it! I would post my SIF friend code but my tablet's been broken for a month so that's :)))))))

Stan YohaChika. Stan Aqours. Stan Love Live!


October 13, 2019 16:31:10 +0000 (UTC)


#What's your Love Live! Story?

I still remember the time very clearly. It was back in 2014, LoveLive was at a popularity high and almost every artist drew fanart. One of my favorites at the time drew Kotori and I suddenly was in awe. Never before had I seen an anime character with greyish dark-blonde hair, which is my natural hair color most of the year (it's lighter in summer). After my discovery I started to look up what exactly LoveLive is and I came across the newly released english server of LLSIF and I found the anime.


I started my first account but after my phone died that account died with it. Which wasn't that bad because at that point I didn't even play the game that much. But while watching the anime I found a character I related to so much that it almost hurt. Rin. I always liked genki characters so right from the start she was a character that catched my attention. Seeing her support her best friend and even becoming an idol with her was something that I thought was very admirable. But after the Love Wing Bell episode the whole thing struck me as even more impressive.

rin lovewingbell 1

A girl who was bullied for wearing girly clothes to the point where she was scared to wear it but she still does it for her best friend so they can be idols? Amazing. And seeing everyone support her as much as they did encouraged me to also start wearing girly clothes again, because just like Rin I was heavily bullied because of that. I liked everything princessy, sparkly, cute and pink but when I was in primary school, that was seen as uncool. So I, too, was bullied and stopped wearing things like that. Only after seeing the Love Wing Bell episode I realized that I shouldn't live in fear all the time and enjoy what I like. So after 7 years of hiding my real self, Love Live and especially Rin helped me to express myself again.

rin girly

So after all of that, I started a new account in LLSIF which I still have to this day. 5 years of playing this game as often as I can resulted in quite an amount of cards that I all cherish a lot. In these years a lot of things happened and changed, I suffered a lot but also had many great days. But this game has always been with me. I'm not gonna lie, I've also been frustrated and sad many times because of the game thanks to the unfair gacha but that's just how it works haha!

1 2 3 4

I'm just extremely happy that I found this franchise and the fandom because it helped me so much over all these years. I probably wouldn't be who I am right now if I haven't found Love Live! It truly changed my life and I'm so grateful for that.

muse aqours

October 12, 2019 22:29:27 +0000 (UTC)

My Love Live! Story is a little long, but if you're interested I'd gladly tell you about it~

My Love Live! Story is a little long, but if you're interested I'd gladly tell you about it~

Where do I start though? I guess at the beginning.

I was still very new to Anime when my best friend introduced me to Love Live! It was in 2014 I think, I was only 11 back then!

So my best friend told me about that new Anime she found, called ''Love Live! School Idol Project''. with sparkling eyes, she told me about how much she loved the ''blue haired, mature girl''. I haven't seen the Anime yet, so that's what I referred to Umi as.

When I got home that day, I browsed through my phone when I suddenly remembered about the Anime my friend had told me about. I went to start up my PC and looked for it; and watched the first episode.

I was immediately amazed by how flashy it was and how great the music was. I didn't know what idols were back then, so at first glance it seemed like a 'we want to create a band'' kind of Anime.

After a few episodes though, I fell in love with my initial best girl; Yazawa Nico. I recognized her from the memes and decided to watch the whole season in a day. It was about 3am when I finished season one.

After a while, I got my first Love Live! Cosplay; It was Nico, and my best friend cosplayed Umi.

We both watched season 2 together in a night. While her best girl stayed as Umi, my best girl slowly began to become Kotori. But after watching the Movie, I could finally decide on a best girl which is my best girl to this day; Tojo Nozomi, which I also cosplayed soon after!

I love Nozomi a lot. She's my biggest comfort character and has, as weird as it may sound, helped me through a lot of hard times. She kind of kept me alive.

Then as time passed by, I noticed that the Anime had it game, which I downloaded without hesitating. When I started the game, a kind of unfamiliar voice said ''Bushiroad'' and I kinda got confused when I saw 9 completely different girls on my starting screen.

When I saw that they were called ''Aqours'' I immediatly looked them up and found out that there has been a new season that I haven't seen yet! I got all hyped up and watched it all during one single night again. My best girl quickly became Mari.

I then started to cospaly Mari, which was also the start of a new group of friends that I've met at a con! We became really good friends just because of Mari, and I'm thankful to this day.

I've began to collect all kinds of Love Live! Merch; from Figurines to T-Shirts, Badges, Posters, Keychains and Nesoberis... There's almost nothing in my room that isns't Love Live! I even keep some of the girls with me at school, on my bag, my folders or on my pencil case!

When season 2 came out, I watched each episode the day it came out. I was so hyped each time a new episode came out. During that time, my best girl had varied a lot too. It went from Mari to Chika, from Chika to Dia and eventually from Dia to Riko.

I empathize with Riko a lot since we both play the piano. I could understand her struggles so well. My fear of dogs also kind of reflected in her. I felt so close to Riko! That's why I gave myself the nickname Riko a long time ago. I've been called riko for a long time now and it makes me really happy.

Through Love Live!, I've got to meet some of my dearest friends. Without Love Live!, I wouldn't have met all these nice people I talk to everyday. Without Love Live!, I probabaly would've given up a long time ago, but their voices always made me push forward, especially Nozomi and Riko.

I love all the girls as they all never fail to cheer me up with their beautiful voices and unique personalities. Whenever I feel sad, I listen to Nozomi's solo album, it cheers me up a lot and I love her a lot.

Aqours makes me especially happy and all of their songs are just amazing. I've laerned a lot of their dances and eventually learned some songs on the piano, such as My Mai tonight or Yozora wa nandemo shitteru no.

And with this, my long Love Live! story ends! I hope it wasn't too boring and that you maybe enjoyed it a little bit if you've actually read all of it~

(Sorry for the Low Quality Pic lol, I just quickly took it to show some of my stuff)

October 16, 2019 01:57:17 +0000 (UTC)

watched the sunshine movie for the first time. was kinda disappointed ngl but my fave 3 were so...

watched the sunshine movie for the first time. was kinda disappointed ngl but my fave 3 were so pretty in this song i had to draw them!

October 14, 2019 04:33:06 +0000 (UTC)


OH MY GOD??? YOHANE AND ELI THEY BOTH LOOK SO GOOD I wonder who are the other cards?

October 16, 2019 05:14:19 +0000 (UTC)

I asked myself, what OTHER URs would I like to see in SIFAS? AQOURS EDITION!

I asked myself, what OTHER URs would I like to see in SIFAS? AQOURS EDITION!

October 16, 2019 05:13:07 +0000 (UTC)

I asked myself, what OTHER URs would I like to see in SIFAS? So here are my picks for µ's!

I asked myself, what OTHER URs would I like to see in SIFAS? So here are my picks for µ's!

I decided to include promo URs because I just love some of them so much ^^

October 15, 2019 12:40:53 +0000 (UTC)

**Finished !!**

Finished !!

I love drawing Hanayo so much !! I hope y'all like this ,,