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January 22, 2021 23:45:35 +0000 (UTC)


happy birthday, kasumi! ♡


I have a lot of feelings about my favorite character of all time, which is why I have it compiled into the graphic edit below! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑) to summarize it further, kasumi nakasu is my favorite character of all time. i know she hasn’t existed for long, but she’s come to mean a LOT to me, so it being her birthday makes this a VERY special day! let’s celebrate!


unfortunately, due to school, i don’t have time to do new art for you, but i love you lots! in particular, I really love your outfit from popping up, which is why I drew it:


and here is my humble merch collection! it’s gonna grow in time, though, because many items have been pre-ordered and haven’t arrived yet! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


i’ve felt bad in the past from feeling like i wasn’t good enough to support others because I didn’t have enough money, or enough time, or I wasn’t good enough at the game... but that doesn't matter. all that matters is that you keep me going, and as long as you’re there, i’ll continue to do my best not only for you, kasumin, but for myself, too!

have a wonderful day, kasumin! ♡

April 12, 2021 20:54:35 +0000 (UTC)


I just got my copies of Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora in the mail today, so I thought I'd let everyone know what I thought, as well as dive into some things I noticed in the PV! Afterwards, I want to talk about an issue I feel the Liella! might run into in the future. As for what I think of the other songs, those will be in the comments to conserve space, as well as some other things~

Image (This was the cutest thing I could think of instead of just showing the CDs)

Right of the bat, this is way better than KimiKoko. I can't say it's better than Borarara, but there's certainly more to see here. What's even better is that they ditch those dumb looking jackets (sorry to anyone that actually liked them lol). They look wayyy too awkward with how they're wearing them, so I am so very glad that they threw them off. Another design choice that I noticed quite a lot is that the faces look really... wide? Surely it's not just me who's noticed something looks different, right? It doesn't exactly get in the way of enjoying the song, but just something I noticed.

What I really find interesting though is that even though there are only five characters this time around, I don't feel that we see enough of their individuality in this PV. Keke especially feels very bland and I'm not quite sure what to think of her character as of now as a result. I understand that we're really not supposed to know each girl's entire story before the anime even starts, but I still feel like they could have done more. After watching it a few more times, I started to guess why each girl may have became an idol just from the PV, and here's what I came up with:

  • Kanon lacks confidence and isn’t particularly good at anything (aside from the Latte Art, at least), so she does her part for the school by becoming an idol.
  • Keke likes idols so much that she came from China to become one (kinda boring but whatever).
  • Chisato didn’t have friends as a kid, and never really stood out as a result, so she works hard at dancing to stand out more. Later on, she’s given the opportunity to become an idol and show her true self? Hell, she’s even able to go from standing completely upright to doing a handstand in about 1/24 of a second (anime runs at ~24 frames per second, so 1/24).
  • Sumire did her best to stand out in competitions at a young age, but always came up just short of winning. Though she’s a very expressive and animated person, she still deals with the pain of “not being good enough”, so by becoming an idol she’s able to stand out amongst her peers and show her individuality. *Ren does ballet. Ballet is a form of dancing. Idols dance. Ren becomes an idol.

That being said, as of now my character rankings are as follows:

  1. Sumire
  2. Kanon
  3. Chisato
  4. Ren
  5. Keke

Overall, the PV itself is fairly solid. I wouldn't put it on the level of, say, A song for You! You? You!!, but it's a good start for Liella!, and I'm glad to know that the future of Love Live! is in good hands.

I mentioned one issue Liella! might face moving forward earlier in the post, and that issue is the lack of variety in their vocals. Both µ’s and Nijigaku have such great variety between all of their members that it’s super easy to pick out who’s who. Aqours seems to struggle with this, and I’ve noticed that for quite some time now, actually. Liella! is still new though, so they still have much room to grow. However, what they lack (much like Aqours), is deep voices, or voices that sound super different. Ren is Hanamaru+Dia, Chisato is Chika+You(I think?), and Sumire sounds a bit like Riko, though I couldn't tell whether she was singing at higher or lower octave than Riko normally does. But again, at the end of the day, it's come down to whether or not you really care about stuff like this. Maybe you really like how they sound, and if so, more power to you! It's hard to judge them completely since this is their very first release, but this is how it feels right now.

That about does it for my little spiel, though. Let me know what you guys think about the songs, the girls, and the future of the group! I'd love to hear what some of you guys think!~

(And for those wondering, I chose the Sumire and Ren backgrounds using the codes from the singles. In hindsight I should've chosen Chisato over Ren, but what can you do ¯_(ツ)_/¯?)

May 10, 2021 16:15:03 +0000 (UTC)

Here guys i thought of posting a cute kanon photo of her putting her headphones on!

Here guys i thought of posting a cute kanon photo of her putting her headphones on!

May 17, 2020 18:59:58 +0000 (UTC)

More information about the newest Love Live! project has been revealed in Vol. 7 of the LoveLive!...

More information about the newest Love Live! project has been revealed in Vol. 7 of the LoveLive! Days magazine! The results of the school name poll have been revealed. The 5 main characters will be attending Yuigaoka Girls High School!

Further introductions and profiles for each character have been revealed as well!


  • Name: Shibuya Kanon
  • Birthday: May 1
  • Blood Type: A
  • Favorite Food: Baked apple, tomato, hamburger, cafe au lait


  • Name: Tang Keke
  • Birthday: July 7
  • Blood Type: O
  • Favorite Food: Napolitan, choco banana, milk tea


  • Name: Arashi Chisato
  • Birthday: February 25
  • Blood Type: B
  • Favorite Food: Takoyaki, peaches, cola


  • Name: Heanna Sumire
  • Birthday: September 28
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Favorite Food: Tamago kake gohan, green tea, melon


  • Name: Hazuki Ren
  • Birthday: November 24
  • Blood Type: A
  • Favorite Food: Consomme, strawberries, darjeeling tea
May 02, 2021 11:34:41 +0000 (UTC)

hello everyone I am back!!
Am I vallid?: 
 I respect every ship exep if you ship shit like...

hello everyone I am back!! Am I vallid?:) (I respect every ship exep if you ship shit like romantic diaruby, leahsarah, tsukiyou, etc...)

January 05, 2020 19:27:46 +0000 (UTC)

I drew some stickers of the Nijigasaki girls and selling them on my...

I drew some stickers of the Nijigasaki girls and selling them on my Etsy!

In need of some money now thanks to school :-(