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November 13, 2022 11:56:42 +0000 (UTC)

Happy Birthday Rina ! <3

Happy Birthday Rina ! <3 Very first shrine to celebrate ! Hope I can finish some art today ><

November 13, 2022 16:22:17 +0000 (UTC)

happy birthday rina 💖!

happy birthday rina 💖!

i cannot put into words how much you mean to me. supporting you and your journey has changed my life for the better. here’s to many more years with you [≧▽≦]

November 13, 2022 05:57:38 +0000 (UTC)

Happy birthday Rina!! 誕生日おめでとー!It'll be my second year celebrating Rina's birthday on this site, so...

Happy birthday Rina!! 誕生日おめでとー!It'll be my second year celebrating Rina's birthday on this site, so I'm posting another little collection picture. Unfortunately, I can't fit all of my collection in one picture :( But, this is a good little snapshot that I'm very proud of! 璃奈ちゃんボード、にこりん!

November 16, 2022 18:04:00 +0000 (UTC)

Edited post

(Edited post) Happy birthday Rina-chan! I was gonna draw smth but I don't have time today, so...

Dear Rina-chan, I love you so much! You're really precious to me and to many people. You deserve all the good in the world!

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November 13, 2022 15:23:00 +0000 (UTC)



heres a little collection of cosplays/art/silly things!! i love this girl so much.

[color=pink]ill forever continue to support and connect with you, rina!!![/color]

November 13, 2022 22:27:29 +0000 (UTC)

Happy Birthday, Rina Tennoji!!!

Happy Birthday, Rina Tennoji!!!

Rina has been my favorite idol from the start and I've always looked up to her. Rina Helped me show emotions and even got me into Love Live!. as she is my favorite I made a pfp for her. Rina-Chan Board Says, "Holy Moly!"

Yours truly Idol Kitsune <3

November 14, 2022 06:27:57 +0000 (UTC)

What does Rina's name mean?

What does Rina's name mean? google translate is here to help! oh...

well Rina we still love ya anyway

November 13, 2022 01:23:09 +0000 (UTC)

happy birthday rina!! :

happy birthday rina!! :>

ur the best girl and most unique idol in the ll franchise! the idea of using a board to be able to easily express your true emotions to everyone is smth i haven't seen before in a ll idol and to me that is rlly interesting!! although the board is amazing, it is just as amazing to be able to be bond to where u have the confidence to show me your face. i remember the bond story like it was yesterday.. ;w; i hope you will continue to do your best, and one day everyone will get to see your true emotions without the board, like you hope to accomplish!! again, happy birthday rina, and keep on connecting! :>