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December 18, 2019 02:10:37 +0000 (UTC)

Hi everyone! 

My name is Jerome, or Gale for my online nickname.  I just found out about Idol Story...

Hi everyone!

My name is Jerome, or Gale for my online nickname. I just found out about Idol Story from Twitter.

I've been into Love Live since 2016 when I started playing LLSIF out of curiosity from friends and because I used to play a lot of rhythm games back then. And I've been hooked up in the series since then. I currently play LLSIFAS with Dia as my main idol.

It's a bit difficult for me to choose my best girl (since they all are XD), but my top four per group would be:

  • Kotori, Umi, Maki, and Eli from μ's
  • Dia, Kanan, Riko, and You from Aqours
  • Setsuna, Karin, Kanata and Rina-chan from PDP/ NijiGaku.

I'm a figure collector/photographer and I run Gale XV Photography from FB, Instagram, and Twitter.

I focus mostly on figure collecting and figure photography, where I create sets and dioramas for my figures (both indoor and outdoor). It's been my hobby since 2015 and I'm enjoying it aside drawing and crafting.

Aside Love Live, I'm also into Fate or TypeMoon series (big fan since 2006), BanDori, and Girls Frontline. Most of my figures are from Fate and Love Live, but I collect figures from other series too.

One of the things on my bucket list would be to be able to meet the LL seiyuus in person, especially Aqours seiyuus.

Nice to meet you all! :)

April 02, 2020 12:50:16 +0000 (UTC)


Hi ! I'm Ichigo, I'm French and I'm happy to be here ! I don't know if I'll use this account often but I'll do my best !

Image My best two girls are Ruby and Maki ! I very love my Nesoberi, they're so cute >w< Of course I've others goods but I wanted to show my cute Neso. I don't have a best girl in Nijigasaki but maybe I'll have one thanks to All Stars ^^;

YouTube video

I have a Youtube channel where I do scouting videos ! All videos are in French but if you understand this language, don't hesitate to take a look ! My first All Stars video will release soon, I play only on EN but I'm happy to finally play at this game ! 3D lives are so pretty **

Image My Autumn Ruby cosplay ! I really love the unidolized version of this set and I was really happy to get it for my birthday >w< Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity yet to wear it at a con, I hope it will be possible at the end of May if it's not canceled ;_;

I don't know what to say more, I'm sorry if they are mistakes >-< But writting in English is a good exercise and allow me to be understand by everyone ! Have a nice day everyone !

October 13, 2019 18:35:04 +0000 (UTC)

;;what's my love live! story?

well, it was early 2016 when i found out about the franchise. a...

;;what's my love live! story?

well, it was early 2016 when i found out about the franchise. a friend had told me to download a game called "love live! school idol festival," and so i did. the friend also told me to pick a girl named nico yazawa as my starter character, so i did that too. before this, i never payed much attention to idol games/anime. i was strictly a horror viewer and i was mainly involved with tokyo ghoul and black butler.

after being introduced to the game, i played everyday nonstop. i loved nico because she was my starter and she was the only girl i payed attention to. i played the game until late 2016, when i stopped putting energy into it and just eventually forgot about love live.

thankfully, happy party train came along. i'm so incredibly grateful that people voted kanan to be the center of the song. it's what opened my eyes and brought me back, and, to be honest, i don't think i'd be the same person i am now if i hadn't seen the video. i watched it the day it came out and kanan immediately became a huge staple in my life. i didn't know anything about this group called "aqours," and i didn't know anything about kanan's personality, i just knew that i loved her. a lot.

from there on, i reinstalled school idol festival, to see what i'd missed. seeing happy party train refreshed my mind because, up until the video, i'd totally forgotten about idols. i see "aqours" on the screen and i recognize them as the group from the video. i play the game a little more and then realize i should probably watch the anime to know what any of this is about.

so, i watched school idol project and sunshine. i had gone so long playing the game and basing my likings off of nothing. i enjoyed the anime, i watched all of idol project in 2 days and all of sunshine in at least 4. it made me remember how much i actually liked the game.

i became more involved after this. i watched all of the single pvs, listened to the music and decided to put myself out in the community. i'm really happy i rejoined, everyone is so talented and kind and it's shaped who i am today. thank you, all of you.

thank you, nico. you're an adorable idol and, despite me going back and forth between best µ's girl, you've always been number one; you've been number one ever since 2016.

and thank you, kanan. thank you so much for one day just showing up on my youtube home tab. as dumb as that sounds, it really did change me. you're, like i said, a very important part of my life. if i hadn't watched the happy party train video, i wouldn't be where i am today. you make me so happy. i'm lucky that you're my ultimate best girl of any franchise. no one can take your place.

finally, thank you suwawa. my favorite seiyuu and the seiyuu of best girl. you're such an adorable person and i hope to maybe one day send my message about kanan to you.

;;if you read all of this, i hope i didn't bore you. thank you for reading. ♡

March 28, 2020 18:38:00 +0000 (UTC)


It's the quiet child  a inside joke  I will explain later. This is my first ever fan...


It's the quiet child (a inside joke) I will explain later. This is my first ever fan art for love live. This is also my first painting of a human. I am no Picasso, but this piece is to share my love with Kasumi Nakasu. Anyways happy quarantine and stay safe.

October 29, 2019 21:37:40 +0000 (UTC)


Decided to join this so uhh

Hi i'm Megan or Maka, I started Love Live back in early November of 2015 (I wanna say it was like specifically the 7th?). NGL I think it was recommended to me cuz I downloaded fnaf?? Anyways I downloaded this cute anime game cuz I'm a pro gamer and ever since then I've been stuck in this hell.

My best Muse girl is Kotori and she stole my heart from day 1. My dream Kotori card is wedding and the damn card avoids me like I'm a disease so press F. A vivid memory I have from this time was playing the angel Nico nurse event til the wee hours of the morning on Xmas eve. Also managed to get the XMAS tree event Maki on this account.

Another memory of this account was soloing Spring Viewing Pana and legit screaming (my first UR ever ily baby) I also went so hardcore for the easter event Kotori I played for 13 hours straight until I got her idolized (never again) Also spent 50 bucks trying to get victorian Koto and she didn't come home... Anyways I lost this account, but not upset cuz it was EN and I don't play EN anymore

MY JP ACC THO HOOOO BOIIII k I started this exactly a week before Arabian Kotori graced the world so hmmm so the 22ndish of march started my true descent to hell. The only time I've ever missed logging in to this account in the past like 3 and a half years was when I went on vacation in march this past year and missed the April fools babies... Now having this account for over 3 years I have too many memories. For one my first UR was Pool Eli, and my First ever Double UR pull was Pool Maru and Yukata Mari. (that video still exists on my youtube, shameless plug?) This account has what... 56 URs, 13 idolized by copy, 2 idolized by seal, and 3 lims. OFC I didn't get here without whaling hahahaha.... On this damn game I've spent well over 1300 dollars. Something I'm not proud of but.... Hey, I have cute idols now??

rewind a bit here but...

When Aqours was first annouced I was one of those kids who was like "Ummm ewww??" But now Dia Kurosawa owns my whole ass. Fun fact my best girl went from Mari-You-Kanan-Mari-Dia, Kanan was only best girl for a day tho. Now Dia reigns supreme (tho Mari and You sometimes do sneak attacks and try to take the top spot)

I also remember when Muse's little devil came out and everyone POPPED OFF. I'm pretty sure when Little Devil came out I actively started following Blake (kurrosuccwa) and thats when I knew I wasn't gonna escape. Shizuku was actually best N girl before PDP happened so like, True stan right here. No i'm kidding lol plz don't start a fight hhhh, but I was overjoyed when Shizuku was chosen for pdp

I watched the anime and I am one of the few people who thinks the Muse anime is superior (I just felt more connected to my girls, plus subunit episode) Also still can't make it through a hard song on AllStars so like that's cool. I own alot of merch, mainly dia (sorry Kotori)

About 850 bucks in total, most would think this is a flex but I think it just represents my poor life choices cuz thats only like 25ish items, but hey hhhh I have the azalea Dia neso? Is that something to be proud of. I also cosplayed from LL (woah imagine that)

Did the dreaded white day, did candy maid, did fan favorite china dress, filmed a PV. and Now I hate cosplaying from Love Live (watch my next cosplay be from love live)

Anyways Love Live has been a huge part of my life and made me who I am today, and this is my long ass story (I feel like I just wrote a damn fanfiction, did my introduction turn into a fanfiction?)

Also Calsarra said she liked my happy party train dia keychain was cute

also someone said hi to Ainya for me which is the biggest accomplishment I will ever achieve in life.

October 13, 2019 23:05:14 +0000 (UTC)

OK HELLO HELLO a smaller intro post because my last one was just my really long idol story :' 


OK HELLO HELLO a smaller intro post because my last one was just my really long idol story :')

im zuzu!! (they/them) i love to draw, sing, and play rhythm games! im very shy and still learning to open a bit more but i hope i can talk to many people here! ^^ i play a lot of video games as well (ffxiv, osu, and like every nintendo game lol) so im always up for a game!! i also used to translate a lot so if anyone needs anything translated, just let me know and ill do it asap. its been a while and i definitely need the practice haha

my favorite aqours girls are chika, ruby, and hanamaru! muse are rin, nico, and honoka! nijigasaki are rina, ai, and ayumu!! VOTE RINA-CHAN FOR the voting thing, i already forgot what it was, BUT VOTE FOR HER CUZ SHE NEEDS MORE LOOOOVVEEE oh also i love all pairings but my favorites are yoshiriko and rubyleah! :D

March 24, 2020 15:29:24 +0000 (UTC)


Well um since everyone is writing about they're dive into idol hell I might as well.

Here goes nothing...

So last February, I just got out of an obsession, and I needed something to do with my life. I didn't know what to do with all this free time I had. I'd say we're in late April. One day I was scrolling on Tik Tok and I saw the Hit or Miss dance. I was like "woah wheres that girl from?" and so I did some research and realized she was from Love Live. I wanted to watch it so bad but I ddin't know where to watch it.

A couple weeks later I saw the first episode on YouTube, so I watched it there. I honestly forgot about it because there was only one episode.

A couple more weeks pass, and I notice my brother is watching an anime that I "watched" a long time ago. I asked him where he was watching it from and so I used the same website as him. Before I was going to start watching it, I went to check if Love Live was on there. And, it just happened to be there. I noticed there were two. I didn't know which one to pick, so I chose the one I saw on Tik Tok.

At that time I became more invested into the one my brother was watching, and less Love Live. I still watched it, I guess I was too obsessed with the other one.

When I finished the one my brother had watched, I decided I would go back and watch Love Live again. Watching it the second time really hit me hard. But, Love Live at the time was just a little show.

After all that, since I watched the first series, I was watching Love Live Sunshine. I really honestly connected to the characters and I knew what Chika was feeling. After watching Love Live sunshine, I felt more connected to school idols, like I wanted to be one and feel what Chika was wanting to feel all along.

So um yeah lol I'm kinda new in this Love Live franchise, and I feel kinda bad because all these people have know about Love Live since 2010 so um but yeah. I honestly lost count how many times I cried watching this show and how many times I've watched it. Sadly, I haven't gotten around to watch Love Live Sunshine's movie :(

Lol I'm sorry this is kinda long

October 13, 2019 18:04:11 +0000 (UTC)

Hi!! My name is Giulia, I'm from Brazil and I love Love Live!!! I also play Bang Dream and...

Hi!! My name is Giulia, I'm from Brazil and I love Love Live!!! I also play Bang Dream and deresute!!!~ My best girls are Ruby!!!!, Nico, Yohane and Ayumu!! And I love BiBi and CYaRon with all of my heart!! I also cosplay and dance cover sometimes, follow me on my twitter!!~ @prusultra and on my ig @mahouruby

March 29, 2020 14:28:40 +0000 (UTC)


I've seen a few of these "What's your Love Live story?" kind of posts so I thought I'd do my own.

Personally I don't remember much, I forget things almost instantly and always have trouble remembering things from even just yesterday. So I'll do my best to remember.

I was introduced to the game by my cousin, and I downloaded it. I think I chose Umi as my starter, but I'm not sure. I knew nothing about it, but I fell absolutely in love with all the girls. I was stunned by the "beauty of school idols" as I think Chika would put it.

As weird as that sounds It's true, I really was struck with something that I thought was the coolest and most beautiful thing this world had to offer. With me being my awkward self I was never really able to explain the feelings that seeing μ's gave me, and I've been obsessed ever since.

After Aqours came out I was going to choose Chika as best girl because I related to her feelings about school idols, but then Ruby's center episode came out and I fell in love with her.

Here's a fact about me, I've had Agoraphobia and panic disorder since I was young, but never knew until I was diagnosed about three years ago. At some point it got so bad to where I couldn't leave the house at all.

I remember my mother promised me that she'd get me Ruby's nesobori if I could go somewhere with her. So I did. I managed to leave the house.

I know this sounds silly, even stupid. But I think Ruby helped give me the courage to start leaving the house more, because I would always think "Ganbaruby" when I was feeling anxious, and that helped me so much.

I really owe a lot to this fanbase and to Ruby. So on that note, thank you Love Live, and thank you Ruby.