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January 21, 2021 09:34:33 +0000 (UTC)



[color=green] Happy Birthday Hanayo! [/color]

This is my third time hosting a birthday party for my number one school idol, Hanayo Koizumi! The display I made this year was full of love - I made a cake, cookies (they say "Love Hanayo"), and onigiri!


I made onigiri for the first time for her birthday this year! I've always made rice on Hanayo's birthday, but now I'm addicted to making onigiri, they're just so cute!

I think Hanayo liked them, success!


Another small thing I wanted to do this year was paint my nails using her signature green! I went with a very simple black and green and I just adore them!

Me holding hands with my Hanayo doll, featuring my special "From Hanayo" bracelet" and my personal favorite Hanayo pieces~


This year, I also wanted to try to write a letter for Hanayo. This year is my 7th year with Hanayo as my best girl, not just in love live, but in general, so it was very special! I try to show my love for her in a lot of different ways - physically with my collection of the cutest Hanayo's, in the games by tiering for her events and saving for her cards, to just everyday by thinking about her and admiring her strength. I'm not sure if my full feelings came through with this letter, but I did the best I could for my idol!

The letter is surrounded by the screenshots of her birthday banner I've saved over the years, I met Hanayo through the game first, so it's special to me!


I'm not entirely sure how to end this, so I'll just say again that I love Hanayo very, very much! She's been with me for so many years, through so many parts of my life, and I can't thank her enough for being my perfect idol. Thank you Hanayo, for being so precious and sweet, and for being so passionate about what you love! I love you and will keep doing my very best right alongside you!


January 19, 2021 03:42:30 +0000 (UTC)


Here is my first time entering a fan contest for Hanayo's Birthday! My biggest celebration I've ever made for Hanayo. Before I start, I apologize this is a bit of a long post, please take a look! Image

[color=green]Happy Birthday Hanayo![/color] 💚 2021

So much sweat, stress, and many tears went into making this celebration possible. I hosted a HanayoWeek tag on instagram and I was anxious the whole week to show everyone what I was setting up for hanayo. It was awesome to see other fans show appreciation for hanayo as well. It was a stressful week but I think it was worth it in the end for my precious gohan goddess. Image Image

Wearing my hanayo apron and waving my penlights to cheer Hanayo-chan on! Image A close up of the Birthday Girl with her crown and wand! Image Hanayo-chan with her alpacas that she takes care of! They're here to celebrate her special day! Image A closer look of our lovely idol, Hanayo in the flowers I bought for her! Image


I had to make the onigiris the day after the celebration. My rice fell apart when I was trying to assemble my onigiri. I cried so hard from all the stress and hard work from the day before and the day of Hanayo's birthday. Image Here I'm having an onigiri stuffed with fried vegan meat and avocado. With a side of vegan canh chua (Sour soup) Super tasty! image All the ingredients I used to assemble the onigiris :D

I was originally going to make cupcakes, cakepops, chocolate covered strawberries, and have a side of fresh fruit but after my rice had broke on me when I was trying to assemble my onigiris.. I gave up. I also made the cakepops but the cakepop was too heavy after dipped in frosting and the stick didn't hold onto the ball D: Image Here was my work in progress photo of the cakepop. image


[color=green]Love mail ♡[/color]

❀ To Hanayo, ❀

Happy Birthday, my princess! ♡

[color=purple] ♡♡ Your most defining characteristic is how much you love rice and how much you love to eat rice to most people. People seem to think that you’re an ordinary girl but you are so much more than that in my eyes. You prove that even an ordinary girl who loves to eat can also be a super amazing idol on stage! To be able overcome an intense social anxiety, from being preserved and quiet, and not being able to speak up for yourself, to a shining idol on stage is definitely amazing. The spark in your eyes light up my world and the burning passion I can hear from your singing makes me adore you even more. I can’t express my gratitude and my love enough for you. I’m so sorry it took me almost 5 years of us knowing each other, for me to finally throw a big celebration for you. I strive to do more for you the next few years, I will continue to support you, my #1 idol. ♡♡ [/color]

Why do I love Hanayo?

Hanayo’s personality reflected mine a lot at the time when I started to get more invested into Love Live! Being quiet, reserved, and letting others make decisions for me. I struggled a lot with making friends and trying new things out because I was afraid to embarrass myself. My social anxiety used to be really bad when I was younger. Her enthusiasm when she’s talking about idols reminds me of how passionate I get when talking about interests of mine, I’m not afraid to show my enthusiasm for it. Her passion for something she loves like idols is amazing.

What made me love Hanayo more?

[color=red]The anime. [/color] In episode 3, Rin tries to convince Hanayo to try out the track club while she was grabbing a flyer of the 2nd year’s concert. Hanayo can’t bring herself to say no to Rin and ends up being dragged to the track club. I relate to this because I would let others make decisions for me because I was afraid of speaking up for myself. ( link to the scene

Episode 3 of LLSIP where the second years were handing out flyers to their first concert and Hanayo takes it and says she will show up to support them. Later on, The second years standing on the stage shocked in disbelief because the seats are empty. Hanayo running to the auditorium and asking “Am I too late?” Her being the first supporter to show up makes me so sob. She is so genuinely passionate about idols and wants to support others who also want to become an idol. ( link to the scene

There are scenes in the anime where Hanayo talks about other school idol groups, and she’s super passionate when talking about these school idols. Image Despite the anime not being so in depth in terms of character development, there was character development for Hanayo. Throughout the anime she becomes more confident and happier in herself because she finally accomplishes her dream of becoming an idol. Many people will overlook that about Hanayo.

Thank you so much for reading! This will conclude my post for hanayo's birthday post ♡♡


December 19, 2019 02:01:55 +0000 (UTC)

Aqours Third Years' Christmas set.

 Latest shoot for Dia, Kanan, and Mari. I figured their Bokura...

Aqours Third Years' Christmas set.

Latest shoot for Dia, Kanan, and Mari. I figured their Bokura no Hashittekita jackets from the movie would fit a Christmas decorated room because of the colors.

February 14, 2020 00:35:02 +0000 (UTC)

I know I‘m super late posting something on here for her but here’s my birthday present for my best...

I know I‘m super late posting something on here for her but here’s my birthday present for my best Aqours girl Matsuura Kanan!! 🐬💚 I love her so much! uwu A few months ago I planned on doing something special for her birthday but I didn‘t managed to do it in time so hopefully I‘m gonna do it next year. For this year I created a card edit for her and a collage with other pics of my Kanan merchandise. Kanan blessed me this year with her limited birthday UR two times in the same pull on my japanese sif account which made me very happy and was absolutely crazy. 😜😝🤪

May 04, 2020 21:45:25 +0000 (UTC)

  Happy Birthday   again   Sarah!!  
Got the cake today and realized I had way less Sarah things...

Happy Birthday again Sarah!! Got the cake today and realized I had way less Sarah things than I thought :( but I just bought an ita bag and enough keychains and pins to fill it :D so I'll have a good amount for next years photo! The cake is an ice cream cake with basically cookies and cream ice cream and yellow cake ;w; was very sad to cut it.

When I first heard your voice I knew you were going to be one of my favorites. I absolutely love how cool you are, sound and how confident you are. I guess it's mostly your VA I'm praising but I really love your character design as well. You're also a really great older sister and it would be nice if I could have a similar relationship with my younger sister (I have a half younger sister that I never see) . It's also really nice how much Asami Tano loves Sarah as well ;w; <3 The smaller Sarah neso was actually head patted and hand shook by Asami Tano herself!! (I never touched her head or hand to preserve. video proof on my instagram) Bless Asami Tano ToT Thank you for existing

Here's one of my precious memories from when I cosplayed Sarah :D My friend (the Riko) made most of Sarah's outfit and I helped some ;w; because she's a pro cosplay maker Image

I was also supposed to cosplay fanart Granblue Fantasy Sarah at Fanime this year but due to it being moved to next year I sadly won't be able to :(


December 31, 2020 16:23:08 +0000 (UTC)

Happy birthday Dia chan!!!!

Time to listen to your solo album on repeat now, lol....

Happy birthday Dia-chan!!!!

Time to listen to your solo album on repeat now, lol. <333 diafigandcd

December 03, 2020 21:11:34 +0000 (UTC)


30 Days of Love Live! Challenge

Day 26: Any Merch?

In short, yes. I definitely don't own as much as some people, but I'm still pretty proud of what I've got! Covid has kinda limited where I can order from due to shipping and whatnot, but luckily Amazon Japan still ships to the US via DHL (and for a reasonable price so it's a great deal). For preorders, I have Umi and Kotori All-Stars nesos that are set to release next April (I believe that they're normal jumbo size). I also have a wall-scroll from EJ Anime featuring the µ's second years set to release next February (shipping was a bitch but it's worth it lol). I have the A song for You! You? You!! Umi neso coming too, but who knows when that'll show up.
As a side note, I made the NicoMaki/NozoEli thing back in 2017 during my senior year of high school. In retrospect, I should've included it in my post the other day but that's neither here nor there.
If you missed my original post a while ago, I do in fact own every single µ's single (main group, subunits, solos, etc.).

Image Image