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February 12, 2020 18:22:27 +0000 (UTC)

hi hi!!
okay i know i said this 50 times but did you know i love the aqours third years,,,,,, and...

hi-hi!! okay i know i said this 50 times but did you know i love the aqours third years,,,,,, and miss Mari I also include the seiyuu!! I love the 3rd year seiyuu, they're so cute and jolly, and they're such cute jokesters! I really do sincerely love them to death and i have a strong love for the 3rd years as a category; even outside of Aqours.

MUSE 3RD YEARS AND WHY I LOVE THEM I love the muse third years for many reasons; but the big reason is how close they become through all the trials; how Nozomi and Eli grew together, therefore also allowing Nico to grow as a person. They're all so kind to each other and encourage the group, especially since they're the oldest they tend to be the 'word of reason' or the 'parents' of the group. I think They all take on the role well, and I love how close they bring the group together! I've always Loved Eli, but after thinking for a while I realized the 3rd years as a whole are my favorites for being so able to bring the girls together. AQOURS THIRD YEARS AND WHY I LOVE THEM Aqours is my favorite group, and i love the third years to death. It only helps how they've known each-other for years, and have faced discouragement many times before, be it with the mishap of Mari's injury and Kanan's quitting being a school idol, only helped all of the group learn. Not to mention Ruby also aided in helping the group come together, through Dia. All 3 of the oldest girls can manage to not only bring peace to aqours; but win our hearts as the audience. I really love the 3rd years in Aqours, because they too, know what its like to fail and can help the group in times of failure because they, too, have experienced what its like to fail. NIJIGAKU 3RD YEARS AND WHY I LOVE THEM I don't know much about them, but they all seem to have 1 thing in common; the will to put on a certain persona. Kanata wants to be the perfect big sister for Haruka. Karin wants to be the sexy, admirable onee-chan for niji, and Emma wanting to be the big sister of the group. I figure through this, They're all just so cute and lovable, and i believe in the anime, we, anata, can help them be themselves and aid the group in moving forward.

i know i rambled a ton, but i really wanted to get this out!! :D thanks for listening to my ted talk, stay shiny~