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February 20, 2020 05:08:28 +0000 (UTC)


What if all the Love Live! girls had jobs like Riko?

Do you agree/disagree? Any restaurants from your country that you think would make a good fit?



Nico - McDonald's: Nico's home away from home. Besides, she's arguably the most recognizable school idol (just like McDonald's), even if many people think she's trash (like McDonald's).

Umi - Subway: The health nut of the group, Umi champions a healthy lifestyle.

Honoka - Panera: Once she heard they had bread, she signed right up. She got in trouble with her mom, though, once it came out that she was working for a competing business.

Rin - Sonic: Accidentally signed up because she thought they were affiliated with SEGA. She stuck around for the roller skates.

Maki - the old spaghetti factory: Suitably fancy enough for Maki's taste, the main draw of this restaurant (for her) is the marinara sauce.

Hanayo - Panda Express: Hanayo was one of the last girls to be recruited for a restaurant. Or rather, she refused to endorse anyone who didn't primarily serve rice. She had to settle for Panda Express once she realized there weren't many other options.

Eli - tcby: Nobody knows what tcby stands for, but that's ok, because nobody knows how to spell Harasho. Eli wanted a cold treat to represent her Russian roots, while staying light on calories.

Nozomi - Hooters: The business' best representative as well as its strongest supporter.

Kotori - The Cheesecake Factory: Kotori was originally going to sign with KFC, but then she saw that cheesecake selection...



Kanan - Joe's Crab Shack: The company hoped Kanan's feminine appeal would bring in more customers, but it seems like they may go under. Kanan's fine with it, though; she prefers running her diving business anyways.

Hanamaru - golden corral: Nothing too fancy, and lots of it. Hanamaru's modest personality also appeals to the older customer base.

Yoshiko - In N Out Burger: People either love In N Out or they hate it. Pretty much the same with Yoshiko. As a bonus, you can order a Fallen Angel off the secret menu.

Riko - 7-Eleven: Riko already has a job. People might say 7-11 isn't a restaurant, but for all I know, 7-11 has the best sandwiches and erlenmeyer flasks around.

Chika - Orange Julius: Chika spends most of her time trying to convince corporate to allow her to make a tangerine julius part of the main menu.

Ruby - Chuck E Cheese: Although the lights and sounds might be a bit much, Ruby appreciates that she has found a place where "a kid can be a kid".

Dia - baskin robbins: Dia saw that Eli signed up with tcby, so in a bid to outdo her idol, she went with an ice cream store with 31 flavors.

You - Red Lobster: You is the captain of the PR team, but what this means is that she visits various restaurants dressed up as a captain and asks people how they are enjoying their meal.

Mari - Olive Garden: Fake Italian + American.



Kanata - IHOP: Every time you wake up, the next thing you eat is breakfast. So for Kanata, every meal is breakfast.

Emma - Wendy's: Emma is the spitting image of the mascot, so she naturally took on the role.

Setsuna - Pizza Hut: Since she wants to be a popular idol, Setsuna went with a popular chain. Also Pizza Hut is red, which is sort of her thing. Just like a pizza, Setsuna can wear different clothes and change her flavor.

Karin - Chipotle: Karin likes to eat out with her friends, and Chipotle is just the right mix of mature and casual. She always goes for the hot sauce so she can show off.

Kasumi - Denny's: Kasumi took over Denny's Tumblr account. They hired her because she enjoys pranking people (which fits their image).

Ayumu - The Melting Pot: Ayumu works as a representative for The Melting Pot. When she isn't voicing a commercial for them, she walks the floor of the restaurant and helps people figure out how fondue works.

Ai - Starbucks: The most basic white girl thing.

Rina - Jack in the box: Even though Rina signed up as their spokesgirl, Jack in the box still kept the clown, because Rina wouldn't let them turn her head into a car antenna topper.

Shizuku - Cinnabon: Sweet and simple fits Shizuku to a T. She visits various malls to give out free samples, and no matter which one she visits, sales always more than double when she's there.