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June 15, 2020 23:55:10 +0000 (UTC)


Hello everyone. I’m sorry if I’m bothering anyone here but I recently lost my 40lv account with a whole bunch of URs like yesterday. I was transferring the account onto my new phone but realized that I didn’t linked that account to any of my email, etc. I also was careless and didn’t take any screenshot of my account so I have no way of getting it back.... I have no friends so it doesn’t help either,, that account is now lost. I am crying and very sad of losing it since it was so precious to me. I have almost all of Nijigasaki URs,, and seeing them all gone is just heartbreaking to me. I felt like even quitting the game because I’ve worked so hard on that account. So anyone here, please, consider helping me out by giving me a high reroll with stars account,, it would make my day and mean so much to me. I would have buy a reroll account myself without asking anyone, but I’m very short of money right now. Please.... I would do anything. Again I’m sorry if I’m bothering you all. If this post is not acceptable then I’ll delete it. Thank you all for listening to me.