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November 07, 2020 19:04:28 +0000 (UTC)


30 Days of Love Live! Challenge

Day 7: Favorite Subunit Songs (Aqours)

CYaRon!: Sakura Bye Bye/P.S. no Mukougawa/Kinmirai Happy End. Image People sleep on Mukougawa and that's kinda sad cause this song is pretty lit. Genki Zenkai used to be my favorite, but back in 2018 when SIFEN had the x10 EXP and mega decreased LP (expert songs only took 5 LP!), I played the song so much that I want to never hear it again. Then All Star came out and I played it a lot there. Sakura Bye Bye is up there too, but the song is a little too repetitive and can get annoying quickly.

Guilty Kiss: Guilty Eyes Fever/New Romantic Sailors (album). Image Can't say much more than I've already said about GK, but boy do they have some fire songs. And the fact the New Romantic Sailors whole album is an entire jam is actually insane. Before July I had actually not listened to any other song on the album lol, New Romantic Sailors was all I needed.

Almost every AZALEA song is meh, but somehow the came out with this amazing song. I mean, sorry to the AZALEA fans out there, but the music just isn't there with this group. Torikoriko PLEASE!! and Tokimeki Bunruigaku are alright I suppose, but they're definitely not my favorties.