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November 15, 2020 13:04:27 +0000 (UTC)



Well the Kanata episode has finally arrived anddd... Kanata has become my top 3 LL girl

The Kanata episode is definitely my favorite of the Nijis. She managed to move me a lot more than Rina's. Seeing how Kanata strives to run the house, take care of Haruka, get good grades, and be a school Idol made me empathize with her as a character.

The relationship between Haruka and Kanata seems beautiful to me, my favorite sister relationship, I like it even more than DiaRuby

The detail of more N girls appearing I liked very much, I hope we can see the rest of the N girls as rivals (PLEASE GIVE ME MARIA)

And as for the song, Butterfly is from now on my favorite Nijigasaki solo. Akarin's voice in this song is much better than usual, and is very different from the rest of Kanata's solos. The phrases in English give a very special touch and the reference Haruka Kanata in the chorus, I really liked. And if we talk about the incredible animation of the pv, the camera in cinema mode, the beautiful scans of Kanata and the suit. Phew.

(Here are some of Kanata's best moments from the episode)

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And also thank u baby for the UR ;; 1