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December 11, 2020 20:54:06 +0000 (UTC)


kasumin appreciation post ★彡

kasumi nakasu is my favorite girl in this whole franchise, but she didn’t start out being my favorite. she became my favorite over a period of time, and now? i can hardly imagine a time when she wasn’t my favorite girl! i love her a lot, so i wanna take the time to appreciate her. in particular, i just wanna talk about my top three favorite things about her character.

❥ 1: Her Design


her design is super cute to me! her hair color and eye color go along together well. I especially love the specks of lavender that kasumi has in her eyes, it’s very cute. i also love her round eyes, it does a great job at showing her youthfulness. her design is great in every iteration of nijigasaki, anime included! plus, it helps that she’s so expressive, too! (о´∀`о)

❥ 2: Her Personality


kasumi has a great personality! she seems self-centered and childish at first, but she has a lot of other aspects to her personality as well. she was originally known as the “black-hearted idol” in the 4-koma prior to the game, but she’s terrible at it.

once when she tried to prank everyone else, she saw that their shoes were dirty — instead of her going through with her prank, she stopped everything that she was doing to go and clean them off and was embarrassed when rina and shizuku found out later. that’s the opposite of being black-hearted, don’t you think? ;)

she also has a genuinely cute side to her that you can see when she’s supporting her friends, or gushing about idols before she regains her composure. she’s a darling girl!

❥ 3: Her Role in the Nijigasaki School Idol Club


what is kasumin to her beloved club? aside from being the person (along with yuu/anata-chan and ayumu), she is the main member from the original version of this school’s idol club to never give up on it, resolving to revive it from its untimely demise — and does!

from all of the conflicts that nijigasaki has faced so far (including in recent story events in the JP server), kasumi has consistently proved that she is the heart of the club! her ambition and drive keep the club going, and it can be argued that without her, the club would likely not exist today.

this is something that I feel that a lot of people don’t notice or give her credit for, but this is one of the most remarkable things about her and it’s one of the things that made her the very best for me!

she also goes out of her way to help anyone else in the club that feels bad about themselves, such as karin (in the anime), yuu/anata-chan (in chapter 20 of SIFAS’ main story), shizuku (multiple times) and rina! not only does she keep the club together, she does her best to look after all of the members of the club as well.


honestly, i just feel that kasumin is an amazing character (⌒▽⌒) she’s not just a gremlin, she’s genuinely a good girl. she makes any scene that she’s in shine (or much funnier than it would have been if she didn’t show up), she keeps the club alive, and she’s helped to bring joy in my life and other people’s lives as well.

my hope is that one day, other people will be able to appreciate her too.


if you read through all of this, thank you for reading!