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August 30, 2021 01:50:09 +0000 (UTC)

stolen from  saburos  who stole it from banpa :  


stolen from saburos who stole it from banpa :))

  • i've mentioned this before but i didn't like dia at first bc of her design but it grew on me as i watched the anime asdkhjasd ironically mari was initially my favorite bc of her design and for also being a fellow metalhead

  • i don't dislike any of the girls anymore! it's just that nozomi/mari have my least favorite type of personalities (all jokes/never serious/why do they keep groping their friends chests???)

  • i really hate peekaboo bangs 99% of the time and that includes on you miss mia!!

  • yes i kin nico deal with it

  • i'm a dia stan and i don't like the fact that marikanan in/out of canon seems to leave dia out of the equation a lot of times (not a fan of poly) as well as i'm just not a huge fan of that type of ship dynamic (i'm ok with nozoeli bc while similar their personalities/dynamic are still pretty different).... also i do NOT consider diaruby a possible ship which is why i did not put them there instead :^) (YES I KNOW DIA'S NOT ACTUALLY LEFT OUT I'M JUST BIASED ASHDASD)

  • never did i think you would be my irl friend but here we are

  • i love you ai but you have too much energy for me to hang out with you irl :(((