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SR Kosaka Honoka 「Hehe, That Should Do It / Yume no Tobira」SR Kosaka Honoka 「Hehe, That Should Do It / Yume no Tobira」

Title Hehe, That Should Do It
Title (Idolized) Yume no Tobira
The Door to Our Dreams
Idol Kosaka Honoka
Open idol
Open idol
Song Yume no Tobira
Open song
Open song
Rarity Rarity Super rare
Attribute Attribute Elegant
Role Role Skill

3D Costume suit 3D Costume suit

Worldwide version - Release date Worldwide version - Release date February 11, 2021 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)
Japanese version - Release date Japanese version - Release date November 25, 2020 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)
Made by Storm_The_NB
Transparent (Idolized)
Made by alys
Transparent (Idolized)
Art (Idolized)
Icon Icon
Icon (Idolized) Icon (Idolized)

Level 1*

Appeal 1295
Stamina 805
Technique 1400

Level 60*

Appeal 1942
Stamina 1207
Technique 2100
*Base statistics, without any training.
Skill Skill

version Cherish This Moment
Increase Appeal by 5% for 5 Notes.
Affects: Same Strategy 30%

version この瞬間を大切に
対象: 同作戦 30%

Ability (Passive) Ability (Passive)

version Technique+
Increase base Technique by 3%.
Affects: Same Strategy Member

version テクニック+
対象: 同作戦

Ability (Show) Ability (Show)

version Skill Activation % Up
Increase Skill Activation % by 7% for 5 Notes. Condition: On Appeal Chance success, 100% chance
Affects: Same Strategy Member

version 特技発動率UP
5ノーツの間特技発動率が7%上昇 条件:アピールチャンス(AC)成功時 確率:100%
対象: 同作戦

Unit Unit μ's
Subunit Subunit Printemps
Year 2nd year
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Costume Yume no Tobira - Kosaka Honoka
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Open costume
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