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Name Kazuno Leah
鹿角 理亞
Unit Unit Saint Snow
Voice actress Satou Hinata
Open voice actress
Open voice actress
School Hakodate Seisen Girls' Academy

1st year

Birthday December 12
15 years old
Astrological sign Astrological sign Sagittarius
Blood type AB
  • Height: 153 cm
  • Bust: 79 cm
  • Waist: 56 cm
  • Hips: 81 cm
Symbol Symbol Symbol
Color #dde6ed
Liked food Apple Pie
Disliked food Fermented Vegetables in Vinegar
Leah is a member of Saint Snow. She is a first year student at Seisen Girls' Academy. Her image color is white. She's competitive, self-confident and bold but also has a softer side to herself such as caring deeply for her sister.
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