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[Last Updated: March 7th, 2020]

hi! i've been into love live, and subsequently, idols, for almost five years. i have love live to thank for that! other major interests of mine includes Symphogear, FE3H, BanG Dream! (Garupa/AASide), BEASTARS, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Boku no Hero Academia and more!

my favorite group is Aqours and my favorite ll girls in general are kanan, kasumi, nico, yoshiko, dia and you! my favorite μ's girls are nico, honoka, umi and hanayo, and my favorite subunits are AZALEA, Printemps and DiverDiva!

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[02/06/20] - obtained at least 1 UR for all of my favorite LL girls!

[02/27/20] - tiered top 6,000 for a Kanan event!

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