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💞 Rei || Female || RubyRin stan || Artist/Editor 💞

Hey!! My name is Rei, and I love a man named Reiji Kotobuki. Oh wait wrong game- uhh- Anyway.. I love to draw, so expect to see some of my art on here! You can always talk to me about anything, I'm always looking for friends!

My top 5 best girls:

Aqours: Ruby > Dia > Hanamaru > Mari > Yohane

μ's: Rin > Hanayo > Nozomi > Kotori > Eli

Nijigaku: Ayumu > Rina > Ai > Shizuku > Karin

Other Fandoms:

Utapri, EnStars, Hypmic, Bandori, Vocaloid

My YouTube Channel

Ganbaruby! Please stay safe, everybody! <3

*** Please do not repost my work anywhere, whether it's art or edits. I don't care if you give credit, it's INCREDIBLY disrespectful and rude to me as an artist, and I don't appreciate it at all. If you see anybody reposting my art/edits and/or claiming it as theirs, tell me and send me the link to where you found it. Thanks!***

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