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August 01, 2021 10:35:11 +0000 (UTC)

Happy Birthday Chika!
Today is her birthday here in the UK so happy birthday!
I wanted to...

3,2,1! Happy Birthday Chika! Today is her birthday here in the UK so happy birthday! I wanted to appreciate Chika on her birthday so let’s start! 1.Her voice-I think her voice is underrated ,you can tell how much effort Ancchan puts into it, Chika in my opinion has the best voice so far and it just always amazing to hear! 2.Her character and personality,Chika is a girl who doesn’t give in easily and she works hard to keep Aqours going,She’s the one who bought Aqours back along with new members,it’s something I love about her,no matter what,she’s always herself,Her personality is another thing,she ‘s the most high-spirited of the second years and her ability to draw people together is amazing. 3.Her Seiyuu-Ancchan was definitely the best person for Chika,I’ll be honest no one else could have been a better seiyuu for Chika,Ancchan is always being who she is and the as the leader of Aqours I know she has an important role. 4.In All Stars Chika has a lot of cute cards,but I think it’s her bond episodes and the story that shows more,when she performs solo there isn’t any venue so it’s held at the inn,a special place for Chika since it’s where she lives,the main story is also where you can she Chika being the leader of Aqours,they make there appearance in the main in chapter one but I think the official would be chapter 3,when the player character meets her and the others. 5.She’s an underrated character,there’s fans of u’s who are hardcore fans and hate Aqours,but they don’t deserve the hate,Aqours,Nijigasaki,Saint Snow and liella should be appreciated since they’re keeping Love Live going even after u’s disbanded but they came for all stars. Finally,thank you Chika for being here,I don’t know what Love Live and Aqours would be without you so thank you and thank you Ancchan too for being here in Love Live and voicing Chika. Chika will always be my best girl and the best leader in my opinion! Happy Birthday Chika-Chan! 01.08