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December 10, 2021 14:17:09 +0000 (UTC)

Happy  belated  birthday, Mia Taylor!

You’re a perfectly powerful pop performing prodigy!


Happy (belated) birthday, Mia Taylor!

You’re a perfectly powerful pop-performing prodigy!

From the moment you were introduced and you started spewing profanity, I knew you’d become a favorite of mine. It was such an iconic establishing character moment. While there was swearing in the series prior to your introduction, none of those moments really hit the way that your initial introduction did. It was really funny. Or maybe I’m just really immature haha

When more of your character was presented, you were shown to be a recluse that would rather stay inside than being out and about. You were the brains behind the Association’s operation, as you were a music-making virtuoso that could easily churn out high-quality songs from analyzing trends. You generally didn’t want much attention from others, but you weren’t afraid to absorb compliments from those who praised your musical prowess. You’d spend hours upon hours off on your own – perfecting songs to Lanzhu’s liking. After you’d show off your progress and all was said and done, you’d go off alone again to watch baseball and scarf down hamburgers to unwind.

You seemed content doing so until you noticed just how much of an impact that the Club had on others. You were a perfectionist to a fault – not understanding how the Club could garner so much affection when they didn’t have refined performances the way that the Association did. The Club did things inadequately in your eyes, so you made it a point to make songs that were better than “Little Baby”’s songs to prove that you were better in every way. Your disdain for all things less-than-perfect was due to your parents having high expectations for you. You didn’t want to ruin the Taylor legacy, so you felt that you had to be an optimal music creator to make them proud. Soon, you and Rina had a heart-to-heart, and you realized that that wasn’t what you wanted anymore. Speaking to her gave you the courage to create a song that only you could create from the heart, and, once you did, you began to see the world differently. You sang for yourself first and foremost and later became a school idol.

I can’t wait to see what solo and subunit songs will come from you! I love the melting pot aspect of R3BIRTH, and having songs sung in multiple languages is an interesting direction for the franchise. (Plus, I can sing along to songs with all English lyrics without potentially butchering the other languages in the process.) I also can’t wait to see how your story comes to fruition in the second season of the anime! Frankly, I wasn’t expecting you or Lanzhu to be present, but I was pleasantly surprised at the teaser and I’m definitely hyped. Looking forward to what the future holds!