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UR Minami Kotori 「Give It a Taste / Vegetable Wonderland」UR Minami Kotori 「Give It a Taste / Vegetable Wonderland」

Title Give It a Taste
Title (Idolized) Vegetable Wonderland
Idol Minami Kotori
Open idol
Open idol
Rarity Rarity Ultra rare
Attribute Attribute Cool
Role Role Guard
  • None
  • Idol Story's original translation: Try a Taste
  • Idol Story's original translation: Vegetable☆Wonderland
Worldwide version - Release date Worldwide version - Release date September 03, 2020 03:57:14 +0000 (UTC)
Japanese version - Release date Japanese version - Release date April 05, 2020 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)
Art (Idolized)
Icon Icon
Icon (Idolized) Icon (Idolized)

Level 1*

Appeal 742
Stamina 1518
Technique 1113

Level 80*

Appeal 1237
Stamina 2531
Technique 1856
*Base statistics, without any training.
Skill Skill

version Can You Climb Up Here?
Gain 18% of own Technique as Shield

version ここまで登ってこれるかにゃ~?

Ability (Passive) Ability (Passive)

version Stamina+
Increase base Stamina by 4%.
Affects: Same Attribute

version スタミナ+
対象: 同属性

Ability (Show) Ability (Show)

version Stamina Restored
Recover Stamina by 20% of own Technique. Condition: when completing Appeal Chance (AC), 30% chance

version スタミナ回復
自身のテクニックの20%スタミナを回復 条件:アピールチャンス(AC)成功時 確率:30%

Unit Unit μ's
Subunit Subunit Printemps
Year 2nd year
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