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UR Minami Kotori 「Our First Memory Together / Lovely Police」UR Minami Kotori 「Our First Memory Together / Lovely Police」

Title Our First Memory Together
Title (Idolized) Lovely Police
Idol Minami Kotori
Open idol
Open idol
Rarity Rarity Ultra rare
Attribute Attribute Cool
Role Role Voltage
  • Idol Story's original translation: First Memories With You
Worldwide version - Release date Worldwide version - Release date February 25, 2020 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)
Japanese version - Release date Japanese version - Release date September 26, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)
Made by UMR and Ran
Transparent (Idolized)
Made by Yunanu and UMR
Transparent (Idolized)
Art (Idolized)
Icon Icon
Icon (Idolized) Icon (Idolized)

Level 1*

Appeal 1170
Stamina 1170
Technique 1560

Level 1 - Max trained

Appeal 7020
Stamina 7020
Technique 9360

Level 80*

Appeal 1950
Stamina 1950
Technique 2600

Level 80 - Max trained

Appeal 7800
Stamina 7800
Technique 10400
*Base statistics, without any training.
Skill Skill

version Bird Jail
Increase Voltage gain by 5% for 5 Notes.
Affects: All 33%

version バード・ジェイル
対象: 全員 33%

Ability (Passive) Ability (Passive)

version Appeal+
Increase base Appeal by 3%.
Affects: Everyone

version アピール+
対象: 全員

Ability (Show) Ability (Show)

version Appeal Up
Increase Appeal by 10% for 15 Notes. Condition: SP Skill activation, 50% chance
Affects: Everyone

version アピールUP
15ノーツの間アピールが10%増加 条件:SP特技発動時 確率:50%
対象: 全員

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Year 2nd year
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