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SR Ohara Mari 「I'm Not Done Yet! / Mitaiken HORIZON」SR Ohara Mari 「I'm Not Done Yet! / Mitaiken HORIZON」

Title I'm Not Done Yet!
Title (Idolized) Mitaiken HORIZON
Inexperienced HORIZON
Idol Ohara Mari
Open idol
Open idol
Song Mitaiken HORIZON
Open song
Open song
Rarity Rarity Super rare
Attribute Attribute Natural
Role Role Guard

3D Costume suit 3D Costume suit

Worldwide version - Release date Worldwide version - Release date February 06, 2021 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)
Japanese version - Release date Japanese version - Release date November 18, 2020 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)
Made by sampai_sam
Transparent (Idolized)
Made by konoekanata
Transparent (Idolized)
Art (Idolized)
Icon Icon
Icon (Idolized) Icon (Idolized)

Level 1*

Appeal 986
Stamina 928
Technique 986

Level 60*

Appeal 1479
Stamina 1392
Technique 1479
*Base statistics, without any training.
Skill Skill

version Jump to the Future!
Restore 17% of own stamina.

version 未来へジャ~ンプ!

Ability (Passive) Ability (Passive)

version Stamina+
Increase base Stamina by 2%.
Affects: Same Attribute

version スタミナ+
対象: 同属性

Ability (Show) Ability (Show)

version Lower Damage
Reduce Stamina damage by 23% for 1 Note(s). Condition: Activates on Strategy Switch up to 2 time(s), 100% chance

version ダメージ軽減
1ノーツの間スタミナダメージを23%軽減 条件:作戦変更時に2回だけ発動 確率:100%

Unit Unit Aqours
Subunit Subunit Guilty Kiss
Year 3rd year
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Costume Mitaiken HORIZON - Ohara Mari
Open costume
Open costume
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