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UR Yuki Setsuna 「P-Petals! Flower Petals! / Steampunk Adventure」UR Yuki Setsuna 「P-Petals! Flower Petals! / Steampunk Adventure」

Title P-Petals! Flower Petals!
Title (Idolized) Steampunk Adventure
Idol Yuki Setsuna
Open idol
Open idol
Rarity Rarity Ultra rare
Attribute Attribute Natural
Role Role Voltage

3D Costume suit 3D Costume suit

Worldwide version - Release date Worldwide version - Release date April 13, 2021 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)
Japanese version - Release date Japanese version - Release date February 16, 2021 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)
Made by sampai_sam
Transparent (Idolized)
Made by AshSetsuSimp
Transparent (Idolized)
Art (Idolized)
Icon Icon
Icon (Idolized) Icon (Idolized)

Level 1*

Appeal 1368
Stamina 1044
Technique 1188

Level 80*

Appeal 2280
Stamina 1740
Technique 1980
*Base statistics, without any training.
Skill Skill

version Onto the Best Trip Ever!
Increase Appeal by 5% for 5 Notes.
Affects: Same Attribute 33%

version 最高の旅へご案内いたします♪
対象: 同属性 33%

Ability (Passive) Ability (Passive)

version Appeal+
Increase base Appeal by 4%.
Affects: Same Attribute

version アピール+
対象: 同属性

Ability (Show) Ability (Show)

version Voltage Gained
Gain 10% of own Appeal as Voltage. Condition: On Appeal Chance success, 100% chance

version ボルテージ獲得
自身のアピールの10%ボルテージを獲得 条件:アピールチャンス(AC)成功時 確率:100%

Unit Unit Nijigasaki High School Idol Club
Subunit Subunit A-Zu-Na
Year 2nd year
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Costume Steampunk Adventure - Yuki Setsuna
Open costume
Open costume
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