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Name Onitsuka Natsumi
鬼塚 夏美
Unit Unit Liella!
Voice actress Emori Aya
Open voice actress
Open voice actress
School Yuigaoka Girls' High School

1st year

Birthday August 7
Astrological sign Astrological sign Leo
Blood type AB
  • Height: 152 cm
Symbol Symbol Symbol
Color #ff51c4
Liked food Natto
Oninattsu! Daily happenings, etcetera. An oni-supplement to your heart, it's Oninatsu, Onitsuka Natsumi! I've been a famous L-tuber for a while, but now, I decided to debut as a school idol. It's like a dream collab. With this, my followers will instantly double. I can smell it, that's right, the smell of money. My favorite food, which I have never missed a day of, is my original smoothie! I drink it everyday while thinking secret plans to make Liella! more exciting in all kinds of ways. If Natsumi caught your interest, please subscribe to my channel and hit the like button.
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