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General things about me

  • I'm Konsi, or Kon, or Konkon, whatever you prefer.
  • I'm a 19 year old male who loves cute things, spicy food and sweet drinks. Though I started drinking mostly water almost one year ago, still can't believe I could replace guava juice so consequently
  • I play a lot of gacha games and spent way too much money for good cards in SIFAS. I still can't clear advanced songs.
  • I actually have green eyes and for some reason, almost all of my best girls have green eyes as well
  • I keep forgetting my blood type, I think it was B something
  • the SN I'm mostly active on is Discord. I'm Kon#0039, feel free to add me!
  • I forgot to reactivate my domain at black friday and I wanna not pay a lot of money for my domain, so the linked resources may not work until november

SIFAS things

  • I played the JP version of the game and hated the stamina system, so I quit after like three songs and a horrible first pull
  • I now play the WW version and still hate the stamina system, my pulls are also still horrible
  • Oh my god do I love Ayumu
  • but I just can't dethrone Kotori
  • this is the first time ever that I save my free stars for DreamFes Kotori
  • I can't decide whether CHASE! or Starlight is my favorite Nijigasaki song


I copied the text from my other Circle sites but I edited so much in it that it would have been more efficient to just write it from scratch again.

What's your favorite song?

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