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October 26, 2019 09:04:03 +0000 (UTC)


I’m a tiny bit late and I’m bad with words but here we go.

My Love Live journey starts January 11th of 2016. At the time I was mostly into sports anime and otome games; as was my sister so when she found someone doing a genderbent voiced ask blog for one of our favorite otome games we both wanted to join in! We both got in so we were in contact with the person running it, one of my now best friends. When me and him were talking once he mentioned he was playing Love Live! Which I had heard of but never fully knew what it was, so I asked him. I downloaded the game that same day!

I picked Kotori as my starter because she was a Virgo like me! Reading the story I immediately loved Rin, she’s been my best girl since day 1 ♥︎

I don’t really remember exactly when but I watched the muse anime aswell and eventually found out about Aqours. At first I.. really didn’t like them! But I quickly realized how childish I was and decided I was excited for them to happen! Riko was my best girl at first but then it became Ruby after researching them more. I downloaded the JP server around this time aswell. Then, the anime came. I watched it and loved Ruby with every fiber of my being.

However.. something happened..

I was listening to Mirai Ticket’s short version on loop cause I was super excited for it to come out! And every time it got to Chika’s “Minna! Issho ni! Kagayako!!” I.. started having this weird feeling.. flashbacks to Chika in the anime. My mind went blank. I stopped everything I was doing. ‘Is Chika my best girl? But I didn’t feel this way till now!’

So I rewatched the anime. Paying close attention to Chika.

She.. was beautiful.. I was so entranced.. she was everything I ever wanted to be. To answer my own question, yes, Chika is your best girl.

PDP is announced. I’m so excited! Once all the girls were released Ayumu was my favorite to start! It stayed that way for awhile. And then.. gremlin Kasumi said “:)” and she became my best girl. I actually.. really didn’t like Kasumi at first.. how stupid was I?

And then.. Nico Yazawa.. she had been my second best girl for awhile but.. something felt weird.. I loved her just as much as Rin..I just didn’t want to admit it. Early 2019 I accepted her finally and I’ve been suffer- I mean enjoying having 4 best girls since!

I also met basically all of my best friends through Love Live or idols in general! But it’s all thanks to Love Live that I got into any other idols to begin with!

Thank you Love Live for introducing me to so many series I love to this day. If it weren’t for you I’d still be so lonely, shy, and cast out. You opened my mind and my heart. I’m forever grateful to you.