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October 16, 2019 16:35:08 +0000 (UTC)


In June 2014, I came home from school to my older sister playing a new game on her phone called "Love Live! School Idol Festival". We grew up on both anime and rhythm games, so it was a natural fit. Within the hour, I was downloading it on my own phone.

Of course, I had no clue who to pick for my starter R. I went with Maki simply because her birthday was a day away from mine. My sister had picked Hanayo. The server's first event, Sweet Holiday, was going on, though it would take another 3 or so for me to figure out how they worked. Weary Princess was the first event I actually got the SR for. Eli's initial UR was my first UR. My first SR was initial Kotori, and the first SR I idolized was Job Honoka. This was way back before stickers existed and you needed to get a dupe of a card to idolize it.

My sister found out about the anime, and we watched it together. I started looking for full versions of the songs I heard in-game, and then songs that weren't even in the game yet. I even found some clips of the live performances, though I wouldn't dive deep into that side of things yet. Maki really did end up becoming my favourite for a while. There was an incident where I couldn't connect into my account, and panicked and deleted/reinstalled the game, almost losing my account entirely. Luckily customer support was able to help me recover my account. That's how I learned the importance of transfer codes, ahaha.

My first year of high school came and went. There was nothing particularly bad about it, but in general I think a lot of my peers were given to cynicism at the time and Love Live was like a ray of sunshine and optimism that helped me keep my head up. But in my second year of high school I fell away from Love Live and anime in general. It's hard to pinpoint any particular reason why, I guess it was just the self-exploration you do in high school. Besides, I didn't really know a lot of other people that were into anime, so it was hard to invest my time in something I couldn't make connections with. But that summer, a nearby city was hosting a new event celebrating Japanese culture, and my sister invited me to go. There was lots of food and showcases of more traditional aspects, but what really impacted me was the performance of an idol group, Niji no Conquistador. Idol music really is something else, huh. It felt like they were calling me home, in a sense.

When I got home from that festival, I went online and found out all I could about NijiCon. A few days later, I updated SIF for the first time in months. I noticed some people had R cards of girls I didn't recognize. Looking into it, I found out about this new group Aqours, and more importantly, I found out that μ's had disbanded gone on hiatus. I was shocked. I watched the movie, which hadn't come out yet at the time my sister and I initially watched the anime, and with her help I ordered a copy of the Final Live Blu-ray. I was sad I hadn't been around to experience the events at the time of FL, so I figured I could at least glimpse what it was like. I wrote a few fics around the idea of μ's graduating (one of which even won 3rd place in a contest by LLWikia for Kotori's birthday!). I started learning more about the seiyuu side of the franchise, too. The first thing I bought online on my own was Ucchi's single, SUMIRE SMILE. Initially I made it my goal to own all of their singles and albums. My priorities have, uh, shifted a little bit so that goal remains incomplete, but I did make some good progress.

I was initially reluctant to start following this new group, but given I had just found out I missed such an important part of μ's' story, I didn't want to delay starting with Aqours and end up regretting missing something with them too. So I made myself catch up with the anime (s1e8, at the time). They were...alright, but I didn't think they could ever displace μ's in my heart. That changed because of the tail end of the season with Aqours resolving to forge their own path instead of living in μ's' shadow, and because of Aqours' First Live, specifically Rikyako's piano incident. (Rikyako is amazing and I can talk at length about her story and how great and inspiring I think she is if you want but for now I'll just say I admired her courage in going up to that piano at all, and her ability to pull herself together so quickly after things went south.)

There was a Delayed Viewing for 1L near me, but it was on a Monday night, so I unfortunately couldn't go. When 2L came around, the DVs were on a Saturday instead! Excited and nervous, I brought with me a friend who I had gotten somewhat into LL, enough to watch SIP. Unfortunately we ended up in the emptier of two auditoriums, and she ended up sleeping in the back while I waved my single penlight up near the front row, but I still had fun. Probably uh not the ideal way for things to have gone, but it was still a good experience and I managed to join the Discord for the local community. As it happens there's, ah, some messy history with the community but at the end of the day it's better to meet and connect with people I can actually share my passion with.

I've had about two more years of life with Love Live since that DV, but it's all been kind of a blur since. Overall, it's been two years of me slowly falling deeper in love with the series in ways I didn't think I would. (Alternatively, it's been two years of Riko Sakurauchi and Rikako Aida forming an airtight grip on my heart.) I've been a little on-again off-again with SIF due to life getting busier (university a lot more demanding than high school, aha) and also a little thing called Bang Dream! Girls' Band Party. Plus I was quasi-avoiding spoilers about the movie hoping to experience it all in theatres, but it turns out Funimation hates Canada so I didn't get a theatre viewing of it anyway, bahaha. Finally watching the movie and then seeing 5L helped ignite some sparks, and then Deep Resonance and LLAS followed up.

I guess the rest of the DVs paint a decent picture of my overall progression: hakodate DV, I went on my own, and had a good time with people I now knew. 3L DV was scheduled messily, but I went on my own to a smaller DV closer to home and only slightly felt self-conscious. 4L DV, I went in cosplay as Angel Riko! There was also some troublemakers there though, so to avoid the hassle for 5L some close friends and I went to a smaller DV again.

Really, at this point I'm wanting to go and see a live performance, but I don't have the time or money to start trying that. I'll be seeing Guilty Kiss at ANYC in November, though!

I've rambled on long enough, but tl;dr, I've spent a long time with this series. I've made friends through this series, I've pushed myself to do new experiences because of this series, I've been inspired to write and dance and play music and I've even been learning Japanese partially because of this series. I've kept up a cheerful outlook because of this series, That is my life with them~

October 17, 2019 11:48:01 +0000 (UTC)


my Love Live! story...I remember it so well!

It began in late 2017, when I was watching something on YouTube. At a certain point, they inserted a small clip of Nico going “Nico Nico Nii!” I thought it was super cute, but was stupid at the time and didn’t think to look it up. About a week later, I realized I should search it up, so I did. After finally finding it on Crunchyroll, I started watching. While episodes passed, I got hooked. But, one thing kept crossing my mind: When is Nico coming on?! Since she got me to start it, I wanted to see her. I kept checking to see what episode I was on. Finally, I watched her episode. I was thoroughly surprised at how she wasn’t what I thought she’d be like. After I finished watching, I fell in love with one girl. I related to her. This girl is Nozomi Tojo. Nozomi is my number one girl of all time, I love her so so much. I’m cosplaying her at a con(Snow Halation), I have a jumbo neso and a few figures. after going onto Instagram and looking LL stuff up, I was confused when I saw 9 complete different girls. “Awk-ors??? What-“ were my exact words. I immediately went to Funimation and started to watch it. After watching it, Mari was my best girl. I loved her humor. But, after time, it went from Mari to You, and You to Hanamaru, who remains my best Aqours girl. After finally thinking I knew it all, I found an image on google with ANOTHER set of girls! I quickly looked at designs and read their wikis, soon finding that there was no anime. (By this time it was 2018) I read up on every girl, listened to every solo, and found an account on Instagram that posted comics of them. Back then, I hated Karin and Emma(I LOVE THEM NOW!) because I didn’t think a teenager should be trying to ‘seduce their fans’ as I deducted from Karin. And why didn’t I like Emma? Her design reminded me of Wendy’s and I recently got a bad Wendy’s meal. Stupid, I know. BUT, I grew to love them both. Kanata was my best girl, she was gorgeous and a solid MOOD. I also grew to like Eli a lot, despite her being my worst girl for a while, she’s now quite far up my list.

After memorizing all the seiyuu names, I was finally done! But...I wasn’t. There was an app! I quickly installed it, made Nozomi my main, and just started playing. I played for over 5 hours straight. Basically, I’m now just a LL geek/superfan. Sorry that was long, but yeah, that’s my story!

October 12, 2019 22:10:44 +0000 (UTC)

How did I get into LoveLive and what it means to me? 

It's a story I most definitely love to tell...

How did I get into LoveLive and what it means to me?

It's a story I most definitely love to tell and will never forget because thinking back; it's just so entertaining and special to me.

It started before I even knew what a LoveLiver was.(I was a little new to the internet and it's slang). I was also very new to anime; only have watched K-On, Squid Girl, and a bit of Ouran Highschool Host Club because of my older sister. Because of those things, I GUESS it was, like, my awakening to liking girls but I just DIDN'T know😂. At that time, I was REALLY into My Little Pony and Tumblr was VERY filled with the MLP fans so I occasionally looked at tumblr posts of MLP art and such. But then one day I stumbled across a fanart of EliUmi and my dense mind awakened and thought "WOWOWOWOWOW THAT'S SO CUTE. THEY LOOK CUTE TOGETHER. WHAWHAWHA--" and looked through the EliUmi tag having the thought that they were POPULAR and ORIGINAL OC CHARACTERS ON TUMBLR. After going on and on secretly looking at pure EliUmi fanart, I realized they are from a show called "LoveLive", so of COURSE I checked it out! Pretty sure I was kind of disappointed that they weren't the main protagonists(like Honoka protagonist level), but for some reason I continued watching it anyway. The genre, plot, everything was new to me. I thought, "This is super different but not different from K-On or MLP!!??". and through that, I ended up finishing the series.

I was very hooked to the series(still am!) so I was sad that I finished everything; but throughout my journey I find out about the seiyuus, enjoyed the niconamas subbed and posted on YouTube, and was overjoyed hearing a new group is coming along to LoveLive!(Aqours), that's when I decided to change my once an MLP Instagram account- to a LoveLive fanpage and strive from there!

LoveLive means alot to me because it widened my experiences and my enjoyment. I admire the characters very much and I probably wouldn't be the person I am today without this franchise. The show, casts, and performances, encourages me to keep moving forward despite alot of major bumps along the road. Honestly, I can't even IMAGINE who I'd be without LoveLive!! I can't thank LL enough for all it's inspired me to do and take. Thank you, friends!🌈

October 18, 2019 04:09:00 +0000 (UTC)


My Love Live story? You wanna hear my Love Live story? From lil’ ol’ me? I guess I’ll just have to tell you then, I guess.

It all started circa 2015. I had just gotten heavily into idols thanks to Aikatsu!, PriPara, and Pretty Rhythm. I was bored one Saturday and decided to check out this show called Love Live!. I watched the first few episodes, but my fifth-grade self got bored and forgot about it. Until I discovered that this show had a mobile rhythm game called Love Live! School Idol Festival. My first account was on my iPad Mini, and my first ever starter was Umi because she seemed introverted, and this was the time in my life where the blue magical girls were automatically far superior to the rest of their magical girl teams. This was back in the days of 2.0, so I got bored of only being able to play Bokura No Live, Yuujo No Change, and Snow Halation and found myself not playing much. I didn’t even have an SR. Fast forward about a year later and I rewatched the full anime and movie after Sunshine was announced. In the year between me deleting SIF and watching the full anime, I had made some major self discoveries and found that I found a different girl to be my favorite. Her name was Nozomi Tōjo, and she’s been my best girl forever. I began playing SIF religiously and even managed to get my first SR, cheerleader Maki, and first UR, Halloween Hanayo. I still have the account today, and I have 15 or 16 URs on the account now, though I haven’t played as much on it anymore after I got a brand new JP account last year with 2nd best Muse girl Nico as my starter. Although the other account has tons of URs, the JP is my favorite because it’s completely F2P and I’ve ranked up higher and even tiered in my first even on it. And of course I started it as a Muse account due to the fact that the game hands out initial Aqours Rs like candy and I wanted a challenge. About a year later, here I am playing SIFAS.

October 18, 2019 03:34:12 +0000 (UTC)


I’ve been seeing a lot of people tell their stories on how they got into Love Live, so...


I’ve been seeing a lot of people tell their stories on how they got into Love Live, so I want to tell mine too!

It started way back, maybe like 5-6 years ago actually. So I was a huge weeb back then (still am), but I haven’t heard of Love Live before. My friend noticed that (because Love Live was a huge thing even back then) and introduced me to SIF. I mean, who could resist the cute girls in the game. So I started playing the game before watching the anime (not the best idea but the game had more songs than the anime did). And it was so captivating. The girls’ voices and their songs. Wow- I couldn’t resist.

Flash forward to when Aqours started getting big. The same friend told me about how there was going to be a new group added into the franchise, and I became interested immediately. So I did my research on them. You know, typical fangirl things. And I cannot stress how beautiful and unique they are. (μ's too, don’t get me wrong).

So deeper and deeper I fell into idol hell. Aqours got added into the game, they had live after live, they got their anime, and so on. Now to the good part: how I discovered my best girl.

So I was watching the anime, and the first time she was shown, I fell. She was standing outside the gymnasium with an umbrella. While the 2nd years were performing Daisuki Dattara Daijoubu, I believe, was when she was first shown. She was beautiful. Her glittering purple eyes and flowy dark blue ponytail. Wow-

So here I am. Many years into Love Live and still obsessing over that one girl from around 3-4 years ago. (In addition to the character being beautiful, the voice actress is stunning too.)

Well that’s my story, what’s yours?

October 26, 2019 09:04:03 +0000 (UTC)


I’m a tiny bit late and I’m bad with words but here we go.

My Love Live journey starts January 11th of 2016. At the time I was mostly into sports anime and otome games; as was my sister so when she found someone doing a genderbent voiced ask blog for one of our favorite otome games we both wanted to join in! We both got in so we were in contact with the person running it, one of my now best friends. When me and him were talking once he mentioned he was playing Love Live! Which I had heard of but never fully knew what it was, so I asked him. I downloaded the game that same day!

I picked Kotori as my starter because she was a Virgo like me! Reading the story I immediately loved Rin, she’s been my best girl since day 1 ♥︎

I don’t really remember exactly when but I watched the muse anime aswell and eventually found out about Aqours. At first I.. really didn’t like them! But I quickly realized how childish I was and decided I was excited for them to happen! Riko was my best girl at first but then it became Ruby after researching them more. I downloaded the JP server around this time aswell. Then, the anime came. I watched it and loved Ruby with every fiber of my being.

However.. something happened..

I was listening to Mirai Ticket’s short version on loop cause I was super excited for it to come out! And every time it got to Chika’s “Minna! Issho ni! Kagayako!!” I.. started having this weird feeling.. flashbacks to Chika in the anime. My mind went blank. I stopped everything I was doing. ‘Is Chika my best girl? But I didn’t feel this way till now!’

So I rewatched the anime. Paying close attention to Chika.

She.. was beautiful.. I was so entranced.. she was everything I ever wanted to be. To answer my own question, yes, Chika is your best girl.

PDP is announced. I’m so excited! Once all the girls were released Ayumu was my favorite to start! It stayed that way for awhile. And then.. gremlin Kasumi said “:)” and she became my best girl. I actually.. really didn’t like Kasumi at first.. how stupid was I?

And then.. Nico Yazawa.. she had been my second best girl for awhile but.. something felt weird.. I loved her just as much as Rin..I just didn’t want to admit it. Early 2019 I accepted her finally and I’ve been suffer- I mean enjoying having 4 best girls since!

I also met basically all of my best friends through Love Live or idols in general! But it’s all thanks to Love Live that I got into any other idols to begin with!

Thank you Love Live for introducing me to so many series I love to this day. If it weren’t for you I’d still be so lonely, shy, and cast out. You opened my mind and my heart. I’m forever grateful to you.

October 13, 2019 16:49:31 +0000 (UTC)


I created this account mainly to share my story as the whole Love Live franchise means the world to me. So uhh... hello! I'm Miya, your local Ai, You and Kotori oshi that loves LL a whole lot!


I found LL by accident, one of my friends was playing the game and I started asking them about it. That's honestly a miracle, I've never been interested in mobile games, especially the rhythm ones. Around that time I went to a new school and I couldn't adapt as my social anxiety was making everything harder that it really was. So I spent most of the breaks alone, playing LL, reading stories and slowly falling in love with the game. Whenever I was feeling down, like everything was too much for me, LL was there to make me happy. My best girls always popped up on the home screen at the right time, saying the right things and making me smile. I know that sounds cheesy, it does for me too, but that really was magical. I can't stress enough how much my best girls mean to me (and how much money I spent on them), how much they helped me and inspired me to become a better, more confident person.


What's gotten me into the game is also the music. Never been a fan of japanese music/language but no regretti. I've met so many amazing people because of this game that has honestly change my life for the better! And I really do hope that this game and your best girls make you as happy as they make me!

October 12, 2019 22:52:16 +0000 (UTC)


What’s your Love Live! story?

Oh, goodness, let me think...

I think I started getting into Love Live! towards the end of 2016. I didn't get into Love Live! as a series through anything Love Live!-related, somehow. I was a big Yuri!!! on ICE fan back then, and I soon came across a custom SIF beatmap for Arashi No Rhapsody, a song sung by two of the VAs in the show. Later, I found the game that the beatmap was based off of: Love Live! School Idol Festival. I had no clue that Arashi No Rhapsody was a CUSTOM beatmap, so I was about to delete the app right on the spot. However, when I started reading through the story, Nico said her catchphrase- the infamous Nico-Nico-Nii- and I knew there was an anime to this game. I only knew of μ's at that time and absolutely despised Aqours. I didn't get the concept that the two were different groups. Oh, and confession: I thought μ's was some secret prep school group that the game developers wanted to hide under Aqours, which is exactly why I chose a μ's member (Hanayo) as my partner. I found Hanayo to be a character I could relate to at the fullest extent. I loved her voice more than anyone else's. No one could match up to Hanayo in my eyes. Yet eventually, Maki found her way to the top of my list. I originally didn't like her because I felt she was too overrated, but I eventually tried to see why so many people liked her. (After a few voice comparisons, Hanayo fell even further down the list...)

I wasn't able to warm up to Aqours until earlier this year (I even liked Nijigasaki immediately!). Yoshiko- Er, I mean, Yohane- was my best girl. Because she was overrated and I wanted to see why.

The first Love Live! merchandise I bought ended up being a Hanamaru nesoberi. Don't ask me how. I was eventually able to warm up to Aqours enough to actually watch the anime, rather than have it playing in the background while I cooked.

I eventually started drawing the girls- I've drawn all of μ's and Aqours.

Even later, I decided I'd make my own idol group. That by itself fueled my love for Love Live! even more, more than I thought it would.

October 26, 2019 13:42:07 +0000 (UTC)

Love Live! means a lot to me since when I first knew about it...actually I started to get interested...

Love Live! means a lot to me since when I first knew about it...actually I started to get interested and joined the fandom on Love Live! back in 2015 and the first school idol I've known was Umi since I saw a post on my facebook about love live,,so what I did was I just ignored it because back then I have different interests and my animes was only magical girls since I love magical girls, and that one week that love live was raiding my feed, and actually I got a very much interested because of the design of the clothes, cuteness of the characters and most importantly because of friendship, love, and talent! and I also gained the massive love for school idols. And I started to search about Umi and love live, BUT! Umi wasn't my first best girl, it was Nico since I firstly searched the school idol's names and red a lot of information about them including facts and other stuff, and I continuously got addicted on love live and started watching half of the anime but I didn't much finished all of it since of some matters and the rest..I got into the game and of course I was really excited to play the game and setted Nico as my Main Idol, and I said to myself...I would just read the normal stories of μ's in the game instead since I don't have time because of issues. Then as I grow older, my whole life changed because of love live, everyday I would be very excited to play events when I go home from school and loving love live as a whole, and also love live contributed a lot in my life since then, and I was really proud of having time to get to know love live, which its the thing that will make me a better and a much more confident person and everyday I am very inspired to do outfit making because of love live as well. As love live sunshine came, I have my best girl Ruby, and the anime was quite the best since I finished watching it, over all, love live sip and sunshine gave me a lot of life lessons through my steps in life and thought me how to value my friends because they are very important and they also gave me the huge inspiration in both fashion designing and various arts and I will never ever regret love live in my life since its a massive part of me..and even if I'm not that productive to buy merchandise, I would always put love live in my heart. I, thank love live and its creators for making me for who I am today! ~ Btw here is a little artwork of mine of Ruby! <3

October 25, 2019 15:06:13 +0000 (UTC)


Hello! My name is EndlessSkyPride or Nicolas, maybe you've seen me on BanPa, and today i'm here to tell you my LL! story, even though i'm not an All Stars player yet (you see, too many new stuff in japanese...). I'm trying to develop my english but it's still bad, so my text is gonna be bad too but anyway, lets try!

It was 2014, how i can remember. I was watching random YouTube anime videos and found a funny LL! video. Then i found an anime, and decided to watch it. My first love was Eli... just because. A love at first sight. Then i was watching 2nd season as ongoing. Of course i like it! Then i found out Love Live wiki and started to listen Love Live songs.

In the fall of the same year I started to play sif. Just found it in the LL group on the one russian site. I played EN version, I remember it was 1st score match with Maki (oh shi-- it's so nostalgic), and then i downloaded jp version too and played both for a long time. It was very fun! My 2015 summer is still my best summer, and one of the reasons is how much i spent in sif!

In 2016, i played less and less, i don't know... just it was not until this. But I continued to follow up LL news, and yes, here comes Aqours! When i first heard about them i didn't get interested, tbh. But then, when both music and anime came up I undersood: i love them. I still love Ruby and Riko more than anyone from μ's and... i thought their music was a bit more interesting in some way?

LL brought me a lot of pleasant memories, and I appreciate it.

October 24, 2019 17:25:30 +0000 (UTC)

Hey everyone! My name is Crystal and I'm going to talk about 5 year long idol journey. This is going...

Hey everyone! My name is Crystal and I'm going to talk about 5 year long idol journey. This is going to be long as hell ,so buckle up and hold onto your jpgs because I'm going to talk about my decent into idol hell.

It all started back in 2014. I was not in the best mental state and to top it all off I was going to a completely new school! Back then I was a shy individual and entering this new school was in no way fun. However, during this time I also got my very first phone a Samsung Galaxy s3. If it wasn't for this phone I would have never started my Love Live journey.

It wasn't until I got my homework done that I got on my phone. Since it was brand new I didn't have much on there. So I went to the Google play store to get some games. So I got basic games like Subway Surfers and simple games like that. Then I went searching for some fun rpg games. I downloaded a game called Brave Frontier and then I saw it. Love Live School Idol Festival. The icon was still Honoka at the time and for some reason I got pulled in. I clicked the icon and when I saw it was a rhythm game I hit the download button immediately. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

When I first booted up the game I was met with μ's. I at the time had no idea that there was an anime (in fact I didn't watch the anime until 2015) so I chose my best girls based on their hobbies and looks. So I chose my starter was Hanayo! Her cute hair style topped with her hobby of drawing made her my first best girl. Nico was number 1 for overall looks though. I soloed all the time since I didn't know the meaning of saving ,and I didn't participate in events because I didn't really pay attention to them. I played super casually until February 2016. That was when White Day Hanayo came out on World Wide. I couldn't scout because I had no love gems ,so I resorted to begging my father to buy me love gems. Surprisingly he actually did and I was on my way to scout for White Day Hanayo. After it loaded I saw the envelopes come out and lo and behold she came home. She was the only SR+ card I got from that box ,but I didn't care. I had gotten my first UR, White Day Hanayo.

White Day Hanayo

By this time, I had watched the anime. From there I finally found my best girl who is still my best girl to this day. Maki Nishikino. I saw myself in her as she is stubborn, didn't have many friends, and I can be a bit childish at times. From that moment on I wanted to get as many Maki cards as possible to show my support. So I saved for Maki's next UR which so happens to be my dream UR. Circus Maki. The day had come and I didn't get her. In fact I didn't really get anything from my gem. I was devastated but I decided to do a blue ticket. I had gotten a UR! It wasn't Maki though. It was Honoka! Snowy Mountain Honoka to be exact. Of course I could go on for hours and hours talking about my failed and successful scouting attempts. Some of those attempts made me want to quit. Yet for some reason I kept going despite the unfair rates.


Another monumental moment during my journey was Aqours. When they were first introduced I was completely against the group. Because well they were ,in my eyes, replacing μ's! I thought because of them μ's was going to have no more new cards and that no new content was going to be produced for them. I remember when they finally got into the game in 2016. I took a screenshot of the OG Honoka icon as a token of μ's and updated the game to the now well known Chika Icon. I barely participated in the first Aqua event and didn't really give them a chance until my friend (who I introduced Love Live to) and I finally watched Love Live Sunshine. Ever since then I accepted them as equals to μ's.

My Love Live journey has been a long one thats for sure. I have no idea who I would be if Love Live wasn't a part of my life. Because of μ's and Aqua's stories and leaders I branched out. I became more extroverted and met new people and made new friends. Love Live made me feel better about myself and was one of the many reasons I worked to be in a better mental state. Overall, Love Live has made me a better person and I wish to keep it in my life for as long as I possibly can.

October 24, 2019 23:28:08 +0000 (UTC)


Hi! So my love live journey probably starts friend! We’re not friends anymore because she ended up being quite toxic but my love for this series still remains! One day we were sitting in a park and she asked me if I wanted to watch her scout! It was for the summer maru SSR, but unfortunately she didn’t get her. So I got the game, played it briefly, soloed quite a bit, and decided it wasn’t for me. Thats until one day, there was an azalea box and I soloed per usual...and out came circus kanan! I was so shocked and happy, and it prompted me to play more. This would spiral into me becoming good at SIF, watching both the muse and aqours anime, and then getting my first neso! (snow halation kotori). One day, this friend who got me into love live went on a confession account and asked if there were any fans who lived on Long Island! A dozen or so people said yes, and she would then DM them forming a discord group chat! The chat was extremely fun and everyone was so sweet. Eventually four of us decided to meet up! It was me, my toxic friend, a good friend of mine even if we fell out of touch a bit, and my best friend now! I got really close with one of the girls, and she was so good at love live, and also had a hefty amount of merch. I started getting more merchandise as well, and we’re still super close to this day! Though, now we are more into enstars, love live allowed me to meet this amazing person and I’m so grateful for that!! :)