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October 12, 2019 22:44:32 +0000 (UTC)

Hello Hello!!! My name is Kallie and I have been playing SIF for two years now. Started playing...

Hello Hello!!! My name is Kallie and I have been playing SIF for two years now. Started playing during my sophomore year of college because as an artist, I was starting to go through a low point. Love live and other Idol anime have helped gotten me out of my artist groove and reminded me why I love drawing in general!! Now I am a Senior with a portfolio for character art and a goal to make a webcomic! My twitter and Instagram is Kallulily if anyone is interested! (My personal twitter is Kalliebonga for love live posts!! It's private but Feel free to follow)

My fave girls are Rin, Yoshiko, Honoka and Dia! and I have a Bias Towards Aquors because I grew with them the most. However Rin stays at the top for very personal reasons. Rin became my favorite character the moment I watched the love wing bell episode. Not only was my art at a low. but also my self confidence. I was scared to wear cute clothes or dresses because I felt it was too "girly" and that I would be showing weakness in a male dominant field. I did slowly start wearing dresses at this time. But I was still constantly worried. This was a prime time where watching that episode put me in tears. I was crying in happiness not only for her but for how I felt when I first wore a casual dress to class. Ever sense seeing Rins cards put me in a state of happiness. Rins Fairy, Constellation, Pirate, and Dancer have been cards I deeply loved because of how I see this characters joy drawn in. And for me that's wild.

Dancer Rin is currently my main goal in all stars! And future Urs to come! I was rerolling her but I ended up getting a 3 UR poll that had Nico, Maki and Kanan(So I just hAAD to keep it man). With the Nozomi from the UR ticket and later getting Hanamaru and You!!!

I really hope they bring more SIF costumes over to the future!!! I would die for fairy rin!!!

Hope I can stay updated here! I tend to get very busy with school and the upcoming graduation but don't be shy commenting or chatting! I enjoy everyone! Have a nice gay!