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KanaYou fix chap 1. (You's POV)

I was helping mom with the groceries as usual. We both have a handful of groceries when a familiar blue haired girl caught my attention, whose beauty I was immediately stunned by. Her long hair tied to a single long ponytail flowed along the direction of the gentle breeze and the simple beauty of her magenta eyes.

Forgetting about my previous task, I was lured by her beauty and made my way closer to her as I heard mom call my name.

"It will be a quick one, mom." I got closer to her. It did not take me long to realise that she was my old schoolmate: Kanan.

"Kanan?" I looked at her and blushed. I knew very well that I have lesbian thoughts ever since I've moved on from Aqours, but I tried to keep everything casual.

"You Chan." She smiled and offered her hand for a handshake. I was in a trance like state, lured to her beauty. Will she ever notice it? Steadily, I reached out and shook her hand. It has been a long time since we met, but we kept each other's contacts from our high school days.

"I gotta go. Mama is waiting for me. We'll talk on the phone tonight." I excused myself and headed back to mom.

(Kanan's POV)

Later that night after a run in with You Chan, I decide to catch up with her. It's been a while since we've met and let's see how she was doing.

I dialled her number, which was saved on my phone and got a positive response from her. We talked about what we have been up to after we have graduated and our future plans. But one question that she asked me made my face turn red in embarrasement: am I a lesbian?

I stopped for a few moments to get the answer out of my head. How am I going to explain this. I stopped for a few moments to think about it, but she jumped to another question. She seems to want the both of us to meet for a 'date' when we're free and I accepted her offer before we ended the call and I went to bed.

(A few days later)

I waited outside the cafè that we both agreed to meet at. When You arrived, we both got to our seats and ordered our drinks. My stomach churned, hoping that our first 'date' will go well.

(You's POV)

We got our drink and started slurping down. I was admiring Kanan's beauty: those beautiful magenta eyes and her blue hair. However, I noticed Kanan smiling when I take a look at her. I wonder if she feels the same as I do or that we've been friends since we were kids. I took a big gulp, and finally ask her about her love preference.

"You know, I'm not really into guys that much and prefer to stay on the lesbian side of things." She replied embarrassingly as both our faces turn red. It was hard to hold my excitement to know that she was a lesbian too.

"That's...great.." I stuttered and blushed even more as I tried to contain my excitement and spat put some of my drink.

"If you were lesbian, then why aren't you together with Mari?" I added, while drinking sloppily.

"Mari? Turns out, she wasn't my type. Even though she likes my chest so much, she doesn't really want me, she likes Dia more." Kanan stopped drinking to talk to me as she noticed the mess of my face.

"You Chan, are you okay." Kanan grabbed a napkin to wipe my face.

I can't believe it. Kanan is already pampering me and wiping my face for me. I started enjoying the pleasure of Kanan rubbing the napkin against my cheek. But that enjoyment came to a quick end after my cheek was cleaned. I looked at Kanan as we both smiled at each other.

We chatted for some time before it's time for us to leave. Our first date ended with us giving each other a hand shake before parting ways.

The next few dates were nothing to special. We mostly ate and chat at cafès, watch a movie or two or hang out around the beach. That all change on the 9th date.

~3 months later

Kanan was blushing. Her face were all red and face pouting. I checked if she was alright but she started shouting.

"YOU CHAN, I NEVER THOUGHT I'LD SAY THIS, BUT I'VE ALWAYS LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH." She covered her reddened face as soon as those words escaped her mouth. My face was also all red from the words that escaped Kanan's mouth.

"You mean it?" I asked.

"No... I.... Mean... Yes.... You idiot..." Kanan pouted and stuttered as she got more embarrased as I hugged her.

"Kanan, I've always loved you so much. Will you be my girlfriend?" I finally confessed.

"Yes. Yes I will!" Kanan shouted as she hugged me tight, before we finally have the courage and pulled in for our first kiss. At first it felt awkward. We've both never kissed anyone outside of our parents before, let alone someone from the same gender. We both didn't what we were doing, but the feeling was just incredible! My first love turned out to be someone whom I've known since I was young and another girl.

We pulled away shortly as we started at one another, face blushing.Embarrased, I quickly ran home but felt accomplished that I managed to get Kanan to be my girlfriend. I probably thought Kanan would be equally as excited.

~Days later

(Kanan's POV)

I just got out of the sea, Dried myself off with a towel and head for table where You was seated. I unzipped my swimsuit to allow myself to dry off even more, which revealed my bikini top. I noticed You staring intensely at my chest as I was using my towel to dry my hair off.

"What are you looking at?" I turned to her as she turns away from me to hide her embarrassment.

"N... nothing. You have a pretty fit body, Kanan Chan." You mumbled, but I could pick out what she was trying to say.

"You know. I still try to keep my body in good shape." I smiled at her as I flexed my muscles at her. "Looks like you've put on a little weight, chubby"

"Hnn.." You pouted in jealousy.

"Of course, I can be your personal fitness guide from now on if it's okay for you." I said while stretching my arm.

"I'll consider it..."You tapped her temples as she looked at her watch.

"I got to get home or mom will get mad at me for coming home late." You left my family's dive shop and rushed to get home.

"Bye Kanan." You said as she disappeared from view.

"Bye cutie." I replied to her.

"Eesh. What a weirdo. A cute and sweet one that is"