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October 21, 2019 03:26:17 +0000 (UTC)


my story starts at around late 2017. i had recently watched a channel called siivagunner (if y'all know what that is, nice >:]) and one of the many jokes on the channel was snow halation, particularly T O D O K E T E. i didn't know anything about love live at the time, nor did i get any of the siiva lore, i just found it funny because haha grand dad funny rip.

fast forward to around jan 2018, i had met someone who would become one of the most important people in my life. i dated them for about a month but we just decided on staying friends (i'm still friends with them now! koharu if you're reading this ur the real mvp <3) but the reason they're so important is because they were the one who pushed me into love live as a whole. I started watching school idol project (normally in class, when i had my computer) and instantly fell in love. next thing i knew was that i had finished season 1 and 2 and was crying my heart out at these beautiful idols. their personalities had really impacted me, and helped me to become more confident in myself. then, i started watching sunshine! i downloaded sif at the time and i didn't really care that much for aqours. soon that would change, after finishing sunshine. i had fallen in LOVE with them. their spirit to never give up, even when the whole world was against them, they kept going.

the love live franchise as a whole is one of the most important things in my life. it has helped me through so many dark patches in my life, and continues to do so today. i wouldn't trade anything for that. Now for my best girls. Nozomi is so important to me because its my friend's favourite character in muse, and her caring spirit and kind attitude have helped me in the past. i see parts of me within her, particularly in the snow halation episode. Dia is so important to me because of how relatable she is. cares so much for her sister and the rest of the members. shes like the sister i never had! Mari is so important to me because of her fun loving attitude, and the way she hides her emotions so people don't worry about her resonates with me. but, the most important girl out of all of them for me, is Rin. My absolute best girl. I've cosplayed as her a number of times! she is so so important to me because her attitude to life is the way that i want to live. I've seriously improved myself and my outlook on life because of Rin. She's helped me in my journey of self discovery, and, especially the love wing bell episode, made me realised that its ok to wear what you like. to be confident in yourself. if she, and love live didn't exist, i would be in a much darker place right now. thank you, love live! thank you muse, aqours, and pdp! i can't wait for the future. (apologies if my grammar is poor, it isn't my strong suit. <3)