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February 09, 2020 20:19:57 +0000 (UTC)

today in japan is kanan's birthday, and i just want to talk about kanan is a majorly important...

today in japan is kanan's birthday, and i just want to talk about kanan is a majorly important character to me.

i got into love live when i was in a very severe and dark place in my life. it was some of my worst depression and anxiety bouts ever. i ended up downloaded school idol festival, because i saw a mutual on instagram talking about it.

kanan caught my eye right away. she was the first partner girl i picked. i loved her design, her voice, her hobbies, all of it.

soon after, i finally actually watched sunshine itself, and i fell even more in love. kanan's story was extremely interesting and her dynamic with mari and dia deeply reminds me of my own dynamic with some of my closest friends; i still often have to hold back tears listening mijuku dreamer because of it. i think she's beautiful and mature but still has a soft and funny side and isnt afraid to joke around. she's strong and athletic and a great older sister figure to chika.

kanan has been my number one in the beginning, and it sounds stupid but some days i wouldnt want to wake up but i would so i could get my daily bonus from llsif and see kanan.

kanan is such a deeply important character to me and while i do not play love live's games as often as other games now, kanan means the world to me. she's one of my favorite characters ever.

overall, i love kanan so much. she's such a great character and i hope people see that in her! please love this buff dolphin mom! kanan i hope you have a great day and celebrate it with aqours together!!! happy birthday kanan!!!