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October 14, 2019 19:51:55 +0000 (UTC)


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Hi! I've taken longer time than I expected, but finally I can shared here my experience how I met 'Love Live!'. But before, I apologize for my bad English.

Shall we begin?


To start, I want to mention [email protected] Cinderella Girls, because in that moment I had just finished the second season of anime and it was the reason why I didn't want to see 'Love Live!' at the beginning, because for me, that anime had bad story to me (sorry for their fans, but it is my opinion).

I heard of 'Love Live!' in 2014 because some friends who played School Idol Festival. However, due to the aforementioned anime, I didn't pay any attention to the franchise and I continued with my life.


It wasn't until following year, specifically August, when I heard my first Love Live's Song: 'Start:Dash!!'. In that moment, a friend wanted to organize a spanish chorus with 8 girls more (9 girls in total) of that song. She was desperate to find a Nico (because she didn't find anyone to play that character) so I decided to help her (I like sing when I have free time), and some days later, that chorus was in Youtube (if you want listen it, I leave here link: repeat, it is a spanish cover).


At that time, I only recorded that song and from there I didn't hear anything until 2 or months later, when my friend brought all girls we sing in the other song and asked us if we could sang other song in spanish, concretely, 'Snow Halation'. We accepted.

I went from being Nico to Hanayo, and finally Todokete managed to get my attention with 'Love Live' (Finally!)

And taking advantage that I had just bought a new phone, I decided to install the SIF, in that moment was when I entered the Idol Hell, and already in January 2016 I decided to start see the anime. Sincerely, I regretted it. I regretted not having met 'Love Live' before. As I watched first season chapters, I was increasingly fascinated by the characters, songs... everything. As a result of the anime, Hanayo became my favorite from μ's because of how similar I felt to her: we are shy and talk quietly, but when we are with people we appreciate and talk about everything we like, we talk naturally and we get excited when we talk about what we like.


However, looking for the film, I discovered that μ's was a few months away from Final Live and that there was another group: Aqours. When I saw them at first time, I disliked them because I wanted listen new songs from μ's, watch interactions on their seiyuus. But with time and Sunshine's anime, I took a lot of love for they, now worshiping Kanan, Mari and Hanamaru (and without put aside to Hanayo, obviously).


The years have passed and they have given several concerts, there was more anime to Aqours and a film, the inauguration and closing of Puchiguru (forever in our hearts)... and many of us have gathered here too: All Stars and Nijigasaki girls. For now I don't have a favourite girl, but I hope that with a little more time and when I read the story I can take some special affection same as μ's and Aqours.


This year Love Live celebrates 9th anniversary (and me 4th since I gave them a chance) and with each news they announce they make my day. And there is less and less left for the meeting between the main groups and Saint Snow, so I hope the franchise will continue to have many successes for much longer. I want to say 'Thanks' too.

Thank you so much Love Live. Thank you μ's, Aqours, Nijigasaki, A-RISE (although they can't continue because of their seiyuus, they deserve a little love in my post) and Saint Snow. Thanks to all the seiyuus who give voice to their characters, thanks to all who are behind for music, animation, novels ... Thank you all.

If it weren't for them, I probably wouldn't be here, I wouldn't have met those wonderful people that I have as friends and with whom I share the passion to sing to the point that we now have a huge group where we sing the songs of Love Live and I would still be depressed inside for all my problems.

Their dreams reached me.