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August 20, 2020 21:22:43 +0000 (UTC)



The 6-Month Anniversary After-Party was announced in the latest episode of KGS! It will run from 8/26, 15:00 JST to 9/19, 14:59 JST!

Log in during this period to receive:

  • Exciting Free Scout 10 Ticket x1
  • Show Candy (100) x5
  • Memory Key x2


Special goals will be available from 8/26 15:00 JST to 9/19 14:59 JST! Complete these goals to earn Exciting Free Scout 10 Tickets!!

The Exciting Free Scout 10 gacha pool will include all regular gacha cards up to the "Cryptid Catchin' Crusade!" gacha.

Live Show Reward drop rates will be increased from 8/26 15:00 JST to 9/19 14:59 JST! Macarons, EXP, gold, and all Practice items will appear at a higher rate! Rare treasure chests will drop at a higher rate as well!!