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August 23, 2020 10:53:01 +0000 (UTC)


I decided to draw my SIFAS oc but like.. in the Love Live art style!! It's my first time trying to draw in this style and I made the left eye too small but I was too far in to fix it when i noticed ;-; I'm pretty proud of myself for my first try though!


Her name is Yuuka Fukuda and she's a second year! I named her Yuuka to go along with.. Yuu.. fdsjf

Some fun facts about her!!!!

-She doesn't replace Yuu she's just who I read Kasumin's stories as because I'm not saying they're dating but they're dating lol

-She's a manager of the club similar to Yuu but later on she becomes an idol herself! The only one Kasumin doesn't consider a rival. they're partners. cause they're dating-

-She was bullied really bad in her previous school which lowered her self esteem ALOT. She tried to mostly stay in the shadows after that, she'd rather not be noticed.

-She doesn't emote much, but when she genuinely smiles.. it's the most beautiful thing on earth.

-I'm not sure on her image color yet but I'm thinking either a grey toned purple or a green of some kind?? idk.. as for her style I think she'd have soft acoustic sounding songs with lots of emotion! outfit wise i have no idea yet.. any suggestions would be great!

-She stumbled into the club while trying to find a place to study lmao,,

Anyway, I hope you like her!! I wanna try drawing her in this style more, she looks so cute,,

if you wanna ask anything about her to help me develop her or anything, that'd be great!! I kinda made her on a whim but I've started to really love her alot!! TvT