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September 16, 2020 07:59:15 +0000 (UTC)



SIFAS is about to celebrate its 1st Anniversary!


A log-in campaign will be held from 9/17 - 10/2! Log in to receive "1st Tokimeki Free 10-Pull Ticket" x1 every day for 10 days!

The "1st Tokimeki Free 10-Pull Tickets" can be used in a special gacha beginning 9/17! This gacha contains all cards in the current gacha pool (up to the "Toy Shop Panic" event gacha)

September 26th marks the anniversary of the game!! Log in any time before 9/27 3:59 JST to receive a UR Guaranteed Gacha Ticket!

The "1st Anniversary Festival Step-Up Gacha" will be held from 9/26, 15:00 JST - 10/11, 14:59 JST! This gacha contains all regular gacha cards as well as all Fes-limited URs!

  • STEP 1: Free 10-pull!
  • STEP 2-4: Lower Loveca Star cost!
  • STEP 5: One guaranteed Fes-limited UR!

"1st Anniversary Festival" gachas will be available for both μ's and Aqours from 9/26, 15:00 JST - 10/11, 14:59 JST! These group-exclusive gachas will feature a 3x rate-up for all Fes-limited cards! The Shiny Quartz obtained from these gachas can also be used interchangeably!

A special SBL, titled "SUPER Big Live" will be held from 10/1, 15:00 JST - 10/6, 14:59 JST! This will be an extremely large SBL to celebrate the 1st Anniversary! More details will be announced soon~