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October 17, 2019 11:48:01 +0000 (UTC)


my Love Live! story...I remember it so well!

It began in late 2017, when I was watching something on YouTube. At a certain point, they inserted a small clip of Nico going “Nico Nico Nii!” I thought it was super cute, but was stupid at the time and didn’t think to look it up. About a week later, I realized I should search it up, so I did. After finally finding it on Crunchyroll, I started watching. While episodes passed, I got hooked. But, one thing kept crossing my mind: When is Nico coming on?! Since she got me to start it, I wanted to see her. I kept checking to see what episode I was on. Finally, I watched her episode. I was thoroughly surprised at how she wasn’t what I thought she’d be like. After I finished watching, I fell in love with one girl. I related to her. This girl is Nozomi Tojo. Nozomi is my number one girl of all time, I love her so so much. I’m cosplaying her at a con(Snow Halation), I have a jumbo neso and a few figures. after going onto Instagram and looking LL stuff up, I was confused when I saw 9 complete different girls. “Awk-ors??? What-“ were my exact words. I immediately went to Funimation and started to watch it. After watching it, Mari was my best girl. I loved her humor. But, after time, it went from Mari to You, and You to Hanamaru, who remains my best Aqours girl. After finally thinking I knew it all, I found an image on google with ANOTHER set of girls! I quickly looked at designs and read their wikis, soon finding that there was no anime. (By this time it was 2018) I read up on every girl, listened to every solo, and found an account on Instagram that posted comics of them. Back then, I hated Karin and Emma(I LOVE THEM NOW!) because I didn’t think a teenager should be trying to ‘seduce their fans’ as I deducted from Karin. And why didn’t I like Emma? Her design reminded me of Wendy’s and I recently got a bad Wendy’s meal. Stupid, I know. BUT, I grew to love them both. Kanata was my best girl, she was gorgeous and a solid MOOD. I also grew to like Eli a lot, despite her being my worst girl for a while, she’s now quite far up my list.

After memorizing all the seiyuu names, I was finally done! But...I wasn’t. There was an app! I quickly installed it, made Nozomi my main, and just started playing. I played for over 5 hours straight. Basically, I’m now just a LL geek/superfan. Sorry that was long, but yeah, that’s my story!