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November 05, 2021 13:56:50 +0000 (UTC)

Happy  belated  birthday, Rin ~Rin Ring A Bell~ Hoshizora!

Happy (belated) birthday, Rin Rin Ring A Bell Hoshizora!

Your exuberant charm and playful nature never fail to make me smile. You’re the coolest kitty around!

How you came to be one of my best girls is a pretty basic story, but still significant to me nonetheless. During my earliest SIF days, as one might expect, my collection was comprised of mostly Ns and Rs. One fateful day, I scouted and pulled Cheerleader Rin – my first-ever UR! Cheerleader Rin carried me a bunch, and since she was the leader of my main team, she was always partnered. I appreciated having such a great card in my possession, and I decided to look more into your character since you were a constant presence in my game. You’d already become a favorite of mine because of that UR, but once I learned more about you, it solidified you as best girl material.

I learned that you were a tomboy that could be a bit unsure when it came to embracing your femininity every now and then – something that I could relate to. Unlike the conflict in your focus episode, when I was younger, I attempted to wear more traditionally feminine clothing on occasion, and I didn’t get teased by my peers. In fact, the response was generally positive. I experienced teasing because of my more “boyish” interests back then, though. Even though I liked some things that could be considered “girly,” it seemed like my boyish” interests were always at the forefront and that my “girly” interests didn’t align with those of others. My female peers couldn’t understand why I liked the things that I did and even made me feel embarrassed to like them at times. There was a small part of me that wondered what things would be like if I were a bit more feminine and less of a geeky weirdo. I didn’t know if I had it in me, honestly.

Seeing you gather the courage to be more comfortable in your own skin made me feel validated. You got to have a happy ending and wear a wedding dress during a fashion show with support from μ’s and love wing bell from all. You started wearing more feminine outfits afterward, but you still wore casual, sporty fashions when you liked as well. You were able to embrace a new you, but you never stopped being the old you, either! I was happy that Love Live! pushed the message that it was okay to embrace your femininity. Even though all that stuff that happened when I was younger seems a bit frivolous now (I don’t care if people think my interests are strange in this day and age haha), I do still hope that I can be as confident as you whenever I try to get in touch with my feminine side.

Other things I like about you:

• Your verbal tic. Some people find it pretty annoying, but I find it endearing. Not only do you have a love for cats, but you’re very cat-like in your actions and expressions, so I think that it’s fitting.

• Your voice. My (very close) second favorite singing voice from μ’s. I love how spirited you sound in more upbeat songs (like Mermaid festa vol.2 Passionate and Hello, Hoshi o Kazoete, two of my faves) and how gentle you sound in softer songs (like lily white songs). Your airheadedness, headlongness, and gung-ho attitude. The way you sprint around excitedly, the way you rush into things headfirst, and your gullibility can lead to some funny moments.

•Your caring stubbornness. You wouldn’t give up on letting Hanayo achieve what she wanted when she was too shy to join μ’s initially, and you don’t let the fact that you’re allergic to cats deter you from showering them with affection.

You’re just really nya-eat. Never stop being the energetic cat lover that you are! Nya nya nya!