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Hello everyone.

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  • My name is Moon, I have a soft spot for Bandori, Love Live!, Splatoon, Persona 5, and Kingdom Hearts. I hope that we can be friends. Also, my pronouns are he/they, please try to use those pronouns.

  • My favorite characters are Rin, You, Kasumi, Sumire (stuck between Sumire and Keke for Liella!), Tsubasa and Leah. Honorable mentions are Eli, Kotori, Dia, Yoshiko Yohane, Karin and Ai. I usually have at 3 characters I like a lot from each group. Despite that, I like all characters regardless.
  • My favorite group is Aqours, but I do like A-RISE a lot too, even though they didn't get much character development. Same thing with my favorite characters, I like them all regardless.

Despite what I just said, I tried that Love Live! Sorter thing and here are my results. (I didn't get screenshots lol)


  • Rin>Kotori>Eli>Nico>Nozomi>Honoka>Umi>Hanayo>Maki


  • You>Yoshiko>Dia>Kanan>Ruby>Chika>Riko>Mari>Hanamaru


  • Kasumi>Karin>Ai>Rina>Kanata>Setsuna>Emma>Shizuku>Shioriko>Ayumu

  • I'm active on Bandori Party, I go by moonxbeams there too. If you somehow got it this far, congratulations and have a good day.