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Hi! My name is Ana but just call me Niko. I am also the owner of the Idol Story account niko_niko_nii and the Bandori Party account with the same name! I created this account to post the edits I make! I make phone wallpapers, icons, twitter banners (though I don't have twitter lol) and computer wallpapers, but you can request something you'd like me to do! To request, please fill this and send it to the email [email protected]:

Size (in px/pixels): -- Character(s) (currently I only accept Love Live and Bandori characters): -- SIFAS card: Yes or No -- Love Live song art: Yes or No -- SIFAS still: Yes or No -- SIF card: Yes or No -- Bandori official art: Yes or No -- Bandori card: Yes or No

Notes: please answer "Yes" to only one option. please tell me the name of the card/song/still/official art. please note that I may take some time to answer you; if I don't answer in 1 (one) week send me another email. please write the email in English, Portuguese, Italian or Spanish.