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🌟 HaiHai~ 聞こえますか?!


zolixe here~ 19yo He/Him from Denmark

I've been a LL fan for a really long time, my oldest memories of the game being the 2015 "First Event Nightmare!?" EN Honoka token event. ([timeago=2015-05-20T08:00:00][/timeago])

I discovered the JP server at the time of the Steampunk Eli event, and that has been my main server since then.

However, once AS released I got so excited about the complicated gameplay! and I basically forgot Sif existed... so now this is my main game~

My favorites from each group are:

Muse - Umi, Maki, Honoka

Aqours - Riko, Yoshiko, Chika

Nijigaku - Ayumu, Setsuna, Rina

I also like video games, drawing and cosplay, though the last two dont usually involve LL, sadly.

I like a bunch of other fandoms as well, for that check my carrd link below