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Hiya i'm Crystal currently 25 and have been following love live since 2016, my journey started with the game and at the time Maki was my best girl but after I watched the anime that quickly changed to Kotori, similarily with aqours my best girl started with yohane but after watching the anime Riko easily took over and with PDP my best girl started off with Ayumu but switched to Shizuku since I loved her when she was an N girl and well considering my history with best girls she fits the aesthetic of long haired girls.

My best girls list in order are U's - 1. Kotori 2.Hanayo 3. Maki 4. Nozomi Aqours - 1. Riko 2. Ruby 3. Hanamaru 4. Yohane PDP - 1. Shizuku 2. Ayumu 3. Kasumi 4. Emma

Aside from love live other anime idols I adore are bandori (Aya Maruyama is best girl, although I love everyone in pastel palettes. I also have a soft spot for Tomoe and Himari who are my main ship in the series) idolmaster (Makoto Kikuchi holds a special place in my heart), the macross franchise mainly frontier and delta (best girls being Freyja Wion and Ranka Lee) and idolish7(Riku Nanase and Iori Izumi are sunshines and to good for this world)

I'm also an artist who mainly draws fanart, i've participated in the past 3 secret santa exchanges run by schoolido as well as 2019's anniversary exchange and intend to keep the tradition going this year.

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