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Dia enthusiast & LL fan since 2016! Saving for s.i. Dia. I also play deresute, mirishita, enstars basic, d4dj, a3, sb69, feh & toc.
If you comment on one of my posts I promise I'm not ignoring you! Disqus won't upload my comments :(( DM me if you wanna talk!


μ's muse Nico > Kotori > Umi > Rin
Aqours aqours Dia > Chika > Riko = Ruby = Yohane
NijiGaku inijigaku Kasumi > Rina = Shizuku = Shioriko > Karin
Liella liella Sumire > Chisato
N-Girls n Chizuko > Hitomi


image 2nd place in Dia Birthday Giveaway 2018 (SIT)
image Top 300 in Your Models are Here!
image Top 50 in Save the Ramen of Joy!
image Dia Birthday 2021 Participant

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