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Dia enthusiast & LL fan since 2016! I also play sif2 jp, jp+ensekai & feh.
aqours dia > ren > nico = chika > lanzhu > niji 1st years
red group songs; yume no tobira / water blue new world / dance with minotaurus / ryouran! victory road
red sub-unit songs; trouble busters / innocent bird / afterschool navigators
red solo songs; queendom / perfect sekai / pure phrase / butterfly

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pink 2nd place in Dia Birthday Giveaway 2018 (SIT)
pink Dia Birthday 2021 Participant
pink Dia Birthday 2022 Participant
pink Happy New Year!
pink Top 300 in Your Models are Here!
pink Top 50 in Save the Ramen of Joy!
pink Top 50 in Strut Down the Runway
pink 3rd Place in Our Holiday Record