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I live in gacha hell

My fav idols are:

-Maki & Kotori

-You & Chika

-Kasumi & Ai


I discovered Love Live a lot of years ago (2012 I think?) and since then I've been in love with them, I always loved music and singing and I'd to be an idol someday (sky is the limit huh?) That's why I've doing casting for talent shows in my country, and honestly, they aren't going that bad!


I'm studying a pharmacy degree in the University of Seville and I've learning a lot, but sometimes I just feel exhausted and I just want to leave everything and sleep


I really love the sea, however, I'm unable to go see it because my skin is sensitive as **** and I even got second degrees burns one time (I didn't forgot to put sunscreen on that's the best part)


I thought that I had good luck, that was until I discovered gachas, I still have decent luck, but never for my best girls


Now I'm active in a lot of gachas, like granblue, A3!, FEH, bandori, KHUX, Revue Starlight (This one is specially cute because Suzuko Mimori is in it and I feel it's like Umi with a sword, also the seiyuu of our beloved Banana is voicing the new mystery girl in the story of All Stars!) and more


I hope that one day I can visit Japan, I really love the culture there. I would like to visit a lot of buildings and eat lots of typical food, visit arcades and play kuji, and of course I'd love to go to a summer festival at least once in my life


I hope you got to know me a little bit with this bio in a little story format! I always love to meet new people with the same interests, so don't worry and talk to me on twitter!