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Hi nya'll! It's your girl, Cat-tan! I finally joined Idol Story, and am happy to be here!

AAAAAAAH IT'S SO EXCITING THAT WW ALL STARS IS FINALLY HERE! Now we can all enjoy reading our girls' journey together! \o/

My main is now WW, but I still play JP too! (Rip my phone space ;w; ) Not currently accepting friend requests on WW SIFAS due to friends list being full. But once I get more slots they'll be open!

❤ Bi + Idol trash ❤ 20 (Gonna be 21! owowowo) ❤ I draw sometimes (Find me on Insta @history.and.pasta) ❤ Been playing for 3 years! (On Kanan's birthday no less uwu) ❤ Nozomi has forever stolen my heart ❤ Former Whale, now turned "Don't spend don't spend don't spend-" ❤ Cool UR Cursed not complaining but like- It's unbelievable how many have blessed me on my SIF WW Account ❤ Moderator and Co-leader in a decently big LL discord server. (School Idol Discord wink wonk) ❤ All Girls are best girl! No matter who are my favorites, all the girls get love and respect from me. ^^ ❤ NozoNicoUmi ChikaYouKanan AiyumuKanata ❤ Living KanataNozo love child (Hehe I sleep a lot~ Zzzz...)

Thanks for visiting and hope you have a good day~! Nico nico nii!