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hi, my name's katie and i love idols and seiyuu!

i have been a ll fan since march 2016 and it's been my all-time favourite franchise for over 3 years now! other than love live i also love bandori, revue starlight, and plenty of other mobage and anime

☆ best aqours (+ss) girls: ♡ ruby ♡, dia, riko, chika, leah

☆ best muse girls: ♡ maki ♡, nico, eli

☆ best niji girls (tbd): ♡ kasumi ♡, setsuna, ai

☆ fave ships: ♡ leahruby ♡, chikariko, makipana, kanadiamari, yoharuby, yohamaru, nozonicoeli

☆ fave aqours seiyuu: ♡ aikyan ♡,rikyako, arisha, furirin

☆ fave muse seiyuu: ♡ soramaru ♡, nanjolno, mimorin

☆ other fave ll! seiyuu: ♡ hiichan ♡, asamin, nacchan, miyutan

(though in general i love all the ll! seiyuu so much!! they're all such hardworking angels)

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