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You've found pris' page. Hello!

Gender: Fluid! (Nonbinary) Pronouns: He/Him

Country: Canada Background: Filipino

Occupation: Perpetually Tired Engineering Student

How'd you get into LL?: Found SIF in the first month or so of EN server's life

μ's Oshi: Umi (or Maki on Tuesdays) Aqours Oshi: Riko NijiGaku Oshi: Kasumi Fave Seiyuu: Rikako Aida stole my teeth

Other series you like?: Bandori (Chisato and Lisa <3) || Kingdom Hearts || Persona (Futaba <3) || YagaKimi/Bloom Into You || CUE!

Hobbies? I write fanfiction! Find me on AO3 as prismaxle, most of my good and recent ones are bandori (yukilisa and ayachisa)