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A girl who love playing Rythm Game, and drawing a lot ! I start playing SIF and SIFAS around March/April !~

I get to know LL because of some Aqours songs I played on Osu! and because of that, Aqours was my fav group and still my fav group from LL !

I also love anime, manga, video games, drawing and all others stuff ! I will probably post some LL fanart here ~ If you want to talk to me or others stuff, my Twitter is : aquariusgalaxyy

[color=pink]My Top 3 Best Girls from µ's :[/color] Image Image Image

[color=blue]My Top 3 Best Girls from Aqours :[/color] Image Image Image

[color=yellow]My Top 3 Best Girls from Nijigasaki :[/color] Image Image Image

Of course, every girl are awesome for me ! But some of them have a special place to me !

My Fav Sub-units from each Groups: Image Image Image

pretty basic i know-