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October 24, 2019 23:28:08 +0000 (UTC)


Hi! So my love live journey probably starts friend! We’re not friends anymore because she ended up being quite toxic but my love for this series still remains! One day we were sitting in a park and she asked me if I wanted to watch her scout! It was for the summer maru SSR, but unfortunately she didn’t get her. So I got the game, played it briefly, soloed quite a bit, and decided it wasn’t for me. Thats until one day, there was an azalea box and I soloed per usual...and out came circus kanan! I was so shocked and happy, and it prompted me to play more. This would spiral into me becoming good at SIF, watching both the muse and aqours anime, and then getting my first neso! (snow halation kotori). One day, this friend who got me into love live went on a confession account and asked if there were any fans who lived on Long Island! A dozen or so people said yes, and she would then DM them forming a discord group chat! The chat was extremely fun and everyone was so sweet. Eventually four of us decided to meet up! It was me, my toxic friend, a good friend of mine even if we fell out of touch a bit, and my best friend now! I got really close with one of the girls, and she was so good at love live, and also had a hefty amount of merch. I started getting more merchandise as well, and we’re still super close to this day! Though, now we are more into enstars, love live allowed me to meet this amazing person and I’m so grateful for that!! :)