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October 25, 2019 15:06:13 +0000 (UTC)


Hello! My name is EndlessSkyPride or Nicolas, maybe you've seen me on BanPa, and today i'm here to tell you my LL! story, even though i'm not an All Stars player yet (you see, too many new stuff in japanese...). I'm trying to develop my english but it's still bad, so my text is gonna be bad too but anyway, lets try!

It was 2014, how i can remember. I was watching random YouTube anime videos and found a funny LL! video. Then i found an anime, and decided to watch it. My first love was Eli... just because. A love at first sight. Then i was watching 2nd season as ongoing. Of course i like it! Then i found out Love Live wiki and started to listen Love Live songs.

In the fall of the same year I started to play sif. Just found it in the LL group on the one russian site. I played EN version, I remember it was 1st score match with Maki (oh shi-- it's so nostalgic), and then i downloaded jp version too and played both for a long time. It was very fun! My 2015 summer is still my best summer, and one of the reasons is how much i spent in sif!

In 2016, i played less and less, i don't know... just it was not until this. But I continued to follow up LL news, and yes, here comes Aqours! When i first heard about them i didn't get interested, tbh. But then, when both music and anime came up I undersood: i love them. I still love Ruby and Riko more than anyone from μ's and... i thought their music was a bit more interesting in some way?

LL brought me a lot of pleasant memories, and I appreciate it.