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October 25, 2019 20:43:22 +0000 (UTC)


I have already explained on Sukutomo on how I got into the Love Live fandom but I want to go more deeper into that! Anyways here we go!

#What's your Love Live! story?

In 2017, I was an intense Roblox player, The servers I normally played were RHS (Roblox High School), This one Roblox neighborhood game that I forgot the name of, But, I slowly stopped playing them because I came across this ONE server, It was where you could walk around as an anime character and turn yourself into images of anime characters (Or also known as decals) and just...Be an anime character! I played this game so much! One day, I ran into this one girl who had her image as Emma Verde. I immediately recognized the art style and decided to make my character walk over to her. I told her "Hey." and asked what series that was from. She said it was from "Love Live" and it was one of the newest idols. I decided to friend her and we role played a lot, I borrowed some decals from her. We first roleplayed something like Kotori and Umi going to the beach (I think? idk) and we did Ruby and Dia going to school together (I forgot the rest of the roleplay scene) and then we did a scene where we made out decal images of the Ball Set and I made up random words to try and make a song. I then looked up Love Live and saw all 9 μ's members. A week later, I met another girl, She had a decal of Halloween Rin SR, I recognized the art style again! I talked to her and noticed her name (I forgot what it was ;-; but it was funny) I told her that character looked so beautiful! After that, I then watched the School Idol Project episodes. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the full anime because there wasn't any episode's I could watch. I loved Nozomi and Umi, I wanted to know everything about Nozomi immediately wanted to know everything about her! I looked up her story about before she became an idol and met Eli, It was so sad. I honestly wanted to cry. And to this day Nozomi is still very best girl and I love her!



I later discovered Sukutomo, I checked EVERY girls cards, event's, songs! I looked at everything! I listened to "Bokura no live kimi to no life", "Bokura wa ima no naka de", "Korekara no someday" and "Snow Halation". Those songs are so beautiful! I then found out that each girl had some kind of center. I looked to see if Nozomi had a center, and she did! I listened to "Dancing stars on me!", and it was one of my favorite songs, (And it still is!) I listened to that song on replay because it is so amazing! On Roblox, I started using some Love Live decals that I found, I used those two girls icons too, I started uploading my own so that I could use them myself! I then gathered up some friends who knew the anime and we role played on the anime server, and the topic was: μ's had disbanded and they all went to college, But the twist was.. Only Eli, Nozomi, Hanayo, and Maki, went to the same college, I roleplayed as Hanayo, And Hanayo was sad that Rin didn't go to the same college as her, Eli noticed that she was sad and got a solution: She was going to leave the college so that her and Rin could switch colleges so Hanayo could see Rin. The next day, Rin showed up in the same hallway as Hanayo, and she ran up to Rin and hugged her. (I forgot what the ending was ;-;) I always used Love Live decals for Roblox anime roleplay. I, unfortunately, left Roblox later on. I then signed up for Sukutomo. This was my first Sukutomo account. After that, I started playing SIF, My first UR was Eli's Birthstone card, and my first SR was Snowboarding Rin. It wasn't long after that when I got my first Nozomi SR, It was her PoolV2 SR, and I still have her in my deck to this day! I was so exiceded to Idolized her. I then made a post about a Naruto character I loved because it was his birthday. I then forgot my password and I had no way of remembering it, I never wrote it down. I then signed up and made a second account. This one is the one I use. And I remembered to write down my password so I could log in easily and remember it. My first post was about whenever I am listening to music and playing SIF and when I hit the "Play Live" button and I had Halloween Hanamaru UR set and I would always hear: "Aqours no stage, tanoshi no hoshi, zura!", I added my SIF account to the bottom of my profile. It was on Halloween when I did my first edit. I did it for my Naruto OC's birthday. I did it on a app called "Sketch", It was soon that I bought my first Nendoroid and it was Training outfit Nozomi. I took 2 pictures of her, one with her holding a flower and one with her camera prop. Although, at my first comic-con they were selling Love Live merch there. I saw a Maki Nesoberi and Love Live pins and buttons. I saw a Nozomi pin and immediately bought it. Although I had no idea where to put it I just put it on my dresser. I bought dancing stars on me Maki, Eli, and Umi and put them on my cork board. Anyways, Not maybe 2 or 3 months later, I had bought my Kanan Nendoroid, I love this so much! my favorite expression was the blushing expression and the hand on hip expression.


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This bassically wraps up how I got into this beautiful fandom!

I have drawn Love Live fan art and do have more Love Live merch, And I will share those later on. I love this series/fandom so much, 3 years of being a fan of the Love Live series. I love μ's, Aqours and Nijigasaki. I love music, and this has defiantly changed my taste in music and I love anime! I love celebrating my best girls birthdays and seeing birthday posts. Such as other girls birthday posts other people have done! I love seeing Love Live fan art and do get excited about it. I have never explained this but, the username I have "NoziKano" is a mash up of Nozomi and Kanan. Nozomi's part of my name is, well, "Nozi" just without the "om" part, and Kanan's part was "Kano" so I combinded my best girls names together to get BAM "Nozikano"! Anyways, I am so glad I could finally share my story on how I got into this amazing fandom. And I am so happy I found this series!