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October 26, 2019 13:42:07 +0000 (UTC)

Love Live! means a lot to me since when I first knew about it...actually I started to get interested...

Love Live! means a lot to me since when I first knew about it...actually I started to get interested and joined the fandom on Love Live! back in 2015 and the first school idol I've known was Umi since I saw a post on my facebook about love live,,so what I did was I just ignored it because back then I have different interests and my animes was only magical girls since I love magical girls, and that one week that love live was raiding my feed, and actually I got a very much interested because of the design of the clothes, cuteness of the characters and most importantly because of friendship, love, and talent! and I also gained the massive love for school idols. And I started to search about Umi and love live, BUT! Umi wasn't my first best girl, it was Nico since I firstly searched the school idol's names and red a lot of information about them including facts and other stuff, and I continuously got addicted on love live and started watching half of the anime but I didn't much finished all of it since of some matters and the rest..I got into the game and of course I was really excited to play the game and setted Nico as my Main Idol, and I said to myself...I would just read the normal stories of μ's in the game instead since I don't have time because of issues. Then as I grow older, my whole life changed because of love live, everyday I would be very excited to play events when I go home from school and loving love live as a whole, and also love live contributed a lot in my life since then, and I was really proud of having time to get to know love live, which its the thing that will make me a better and a much more confident person and everyday I am very inspired to do outfit making because of love live as well. As love live sunshine came, I have my best girl Ruby, and the anime was quite the best since I finished watching it, over all, love live sip and sunshine gave me a lot of life lessons through my steps in life and thought me how to value my friends because they are very important and they also gave me the huge inspiration in both fashion designing and various arts and I will never ever regret love live in my life since its a massive part of me..and even if I'm not that productive to buy merchandise, I would always put love live in my heart. I, thank love live and its creators for making me for who I am today! ~ Btw here is a little artwork of mine of Ruby! <3